MEME 4 Money: GEICO's Creativity Scholarship

GEICO Creativity Scholarship

Are you smart and funny? If so, this is the perfect scholarship opportunity for you! Five scholarships of $1,000 each will be awarded to Phi Theta Kappa members who enter the most hilarious, meme-able caption for a photo provided on GEICO's Creativity Scholarship application. Phi Theta Kappa members and alumni are encouraged to apply.

When the application is open, write and submit the funniest lingo for one of our photos, and you could win one of five $1,000 scholarships awarded by GEICO!

Get your creative juices flowing and let the fun begin!

How to Apply

The online application for GEICO's Creativity Scholarship has closed. The 5 Winners will be announced in January 2018.


Phi Theta Kappa's judging panel will identify final winners. Students will have the opportunity to vote online for their favorite meme. The meme identified through the "People’s Choice" voting will automatically be awarded. One vote per member, per day is allowed. Encourage your chapter and region to vote for your favorite memes.

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Phi Theta Kappa is committed to the elimination of unlawful discrimination in connection with all employment relationships, business operations and programs. Discrimination based on gender, family or marital status, race, color, national origin, military or veteran status, economic status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, transgender status, genetic information or history, age, disability, political affiliation and cultural and religious backgrounds is prohibited.
  2. Meme captions should not contain any foul or inappropriate language.
  3. Meme captions should not contain sexual suggestions or innuendos.
  4. Meme captions should not reference alcohol, tobacco, drugs or firearms.
  5. Meme captions should not reference GEICO Insurance Company or GEICO advertisements.
  6. Once submitted, all meme captions become the property and possession of GEICO, Phi Theta Kappa and related affiliates. Meme captions may be used in general advertising and promotion with no implied compensation for the individual submitting the meme.
  7. Each individual may only submit one meme caption. Additional meme caption submissions by the same individual will be removed from competition.
  8. GEICO, Phi Theta Kappa, and related affiliates reserve the right to determine appropriateness and may refuse a meme caption submission for any reason.
  9. When the voting portal is open, one vote per person, per day will be accepted.