Ryan Lake

2012-2013 Phi Theta Kappa International Vice President, Division II, Ryan Lake

2012-2013 Phi Theta Kappa International Vice President, Division II, Ryan Lake

Ryan Lake, Division II International Vice President, is a member of Pi Epsilon Chapter, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, Jackson County Campus, in Mississippi.

Ryan is majoring in Biology, which he plans to continue at a four-year university where he will work to attain his M.D. and his MBA simultaneously. He ultimately plans to practice medicine in private practice for several years before returning to school to attain a degree in Law, which he hopes to use to run for a position in government policy.

Ryan suffered from a serious illness during his senior year of high school, which made him hesitant about going straight to a university upon graduation. At his community college, he found a quality education in an environment that pushed his drive and his desire to become stronger.

Ryan joined Phi Theta Kappa out of respect for his advisors, although he's ended up gaining much more from the experience than he ever expected. He has served as chapter president and worked to revamp the chapter's induction ceremony, making it more of a reception to connect new members with current ones.

Ryan worries that community college students don't place enough value on their education; he sees Phi Theta Kappa as a way to instill pride in its members, and he hopes this pride will spread to his college community as a whole. Serving as a student representative for the school and as a member of the Student Government Association are other ways he hopes to spread pride throughout the campus.

Ryan was voted a Sophomore Class Favorite and has received the McDevitt Scholarship and the Hearin Leadership Scholarship.