2004 Board of Directors Alumni Achievement Award

Tom Obee Thomas F. “Tom” Obee, whose service to Phi Theta Kappa encompasses 42 years in the capacities of member, alumnus, advisor and Regional Coordinator, is the 2004 recipient of the Board of Directors Alumni Achievement Award.

Obee was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa’s Lambda Mu Chapter at St. Clair County Community College in Port Huron, Michigan in March of 1962. He returned to his alma mater as an English teacher, and in 1979 became Lambda Mu’s chapter advisor. Obee accepted the position of Michigan Regional Coordinator in 1997.

He also serves as an advisor for St. Clair’s Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association and is a member of the Michigan Regional Alumni Association.

In 2000 the Michigan Region was awarded the Distinguished Region Award on the basis of achievement in many areas of programming and organizational structure.

During that same year Tom’s leadership helped the Lambda Mu Chapter secure the Most Distinguished Chapter Award. He has also received the Continued Excellence Award for Advisors and the Giles Distinguished Advisor Award.

Other accomplishments include the Michigan Region’s third overall ranking for Five Star Program participation in 2003, when 80 percent of the region’s chapters participated.

Hanging side by side in his office are Tom Obee’s membership certificate, and his advisor’s certificate, both signed by former Executive Director Dr. Margaret Mosal. “There’s a lot of heart between them,” he said. “Thanks for giving me so many good memories over so many years! What a joy it has been. And better yet, I hope I have many more years to go.”

“We are proud to salute the numerous contributions Tom has made to Phi Theta Kappa and the incredible support he has provided our Honor Society at all times in his life,” said Society Executive Director Rod A. Risley. “As an honor student, a scholar, a leader and a mentor he has embodied all that is best in our Society. He has given of himself to Phi Theta Kappa, to his chapter, his region and internationally. His longtime record of achievement is one of the most impressive within Phi Theta Kappa, and we are pleased to honor him as the 2004 Board of Directors Alumni Achievement Award Recipient.”

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