2005 Board of Directors Alumni Achievement Award

Dr. Joyce Freeman and Dr. Janice Freeman All their lives, twin sisters Dr. Joyce Freeman and Dr. Janice Freeman have done everything together. Tonight they will be honored as the first-ever joint recipients of Phi Theta Kappa’s Board of Directors Alumni Achievement Award.

The Freeman twins have filled numerous roles in their Phi Theta Kappa journey, beginning with their induction into Gamma Sigma Chapter at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1954. They were award-winning chapter advisors at Wharton County Junior College, and charter advisors of Epsilon of Texas, the Phi Theta Kappa alumni chapter at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi.

Together the Freemans served a total of seven terms on the Society’s Board of Directors, and helped promote the Scholarship Hallmark by establishing the coveted Freeman Science Award.

The Freemans have been particularly involved in the development of Phi Theta Kappa’s Honors Institutes. Joyce and Janice helped plan the first Honors Institute and many Institutes thereafter. They attended Honors Institutes for some 20 years, leading seminars and taking photographs.

In 1975 The Freeman twins shared Phi Theta Kappa’s Distinguished Alumna Award, appropriately presented during the Eighth Honors Institute, in Richmond, Virginia.

In 1996 they were among the first to endow an Honors Institute Lecture Series, to ensure that future generations of Phi Theta Kappa members may continue to be enriched by the “ultimate honors programming experience.”

Over the past 50 years Joyce and Janice have watched the Society grow from a relatively small association of less than 300 chapters to the higher-education powerhouse of today.

“We often say how proud Margaret Mosal would be if she could see all the wonderful changes that have come to Phi Theta Kappa,” the sisters said. “Her vision has become a reality.”

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