Website Updates: November 16, 2015

We want to make sure that we keep you aware of important updates to our website. We plan to periodically post articles like the one below to introduce and outline significant additions, changes and improvements designed to help you have the best experience when using our website. In addition to being posted here, links to new updates will be included regularly in the Golden Key News Briefs.

Automated Email Invitations

11/9: Automated email invitations feature added. Advisors who aren’t already part of the Membership Recruitment Campaign (MRC) may opt in to have email invitations automatically sent by Headquarters to all of their eligible students. The emails were designed by Marketing & Communications working with Key Services and are similar to the ones sent out as part of the MRC.

IT developed a personalized url (PURL), which will be included in each invitation. If an eligible student clicks on the Accept Membership link in the email, the student will be taken directly to the first page of the accept membership process. Advisors will find a checkbox on the Eligible Student Roster Page where they may opt in/out of this new process. Here, advisors will also find a link to view a sample of the email invitation.

If an advisor opts in, once their students have been sent the email invitation, the students’ status will automatically switch from “New” to “Invited.” Chapters who are a part of the MRC are not given the option to opt in, and the check box is hidden from their roster.

This is where advisors will opt in:

Opt In Screenshot

This is a view of the tool tip:

Tool Tip Screenshot

This the sample of the invitation that will be sent:

Sample Email Invitation

Other Webpages Added/Updated

11/12: Pearson Student Advisory Board page added. To navigate to the page, hover over the Programs tab at and select Pearson Student Advisory Board, or use

11/12: REACH Rewards page added. To navigate to the page sign in at, hover over the MyPTK tab and select Chapter Resources then Recruitment and Visibility, or use

11/13: Presidential Advisory Board page added. To navigate to the page, hover over the About tab at and select the link found under Society Leaders, or use

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