Past International Officers Move Forward to New Opportunities

Phi Theta Kappa’s 2010-2011 International Officer Team have completed their year in office and are embarking on new adventures.

Matthew Detweiler, past International President and a graduate of Richland College in Texas, is transferring to Cornell University in New York. Detweiler received a grant of $52,000 per year to attend Cornell. He will major in communications. Detweiler is a member of Alpha Alpha Xi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

David Seale, past International Vice President for Division I, has chosen to delay transfer for a year and pursue an internship in Bolivia. Seale will be working with a non-governmental agency, Unidos Para Bolivia (United for Bolivia), in La Paz, and possibly with the Foundation for Sustainable Development in La Paz and Cochabamba. Seale will be part of a group investigating the impact of social, political, and economic issues on Bolivia’s goal of sustainable development. He will transfer to a baccalaureate institution in fall 2012.

In 2011 Seale received a $5,000 Guistwhite Scholarship; a $2,500 All-USA Community College Academic Team Scholarship, and a $2,000 Scholarship as New Century Scholar for New Jersey. Seale received a Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship, which may be as much as $30,000 per year. He is a graduate of the County College of Morris in New Jersey and a member of Alpha Kappa Kappa Chapter.

Jessica Nisbett, past International Vice President for Division II, is completing her associate degree at the College of Central Florida. In the spring she will transfer to the University of Central Florida and study for a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She plans to obtain a law degree and pursue a career as a guardian ad litem or a child advocate. Nisbett is a member of the Alpha Nu Rho Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

Natalie Myer, past International Vice President for Division III, is transferring to Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, following in the footsteps of at least five other International Officers. She received a full-ride financial package through their non-traditional student program, and is a Frances Perkins Scholar. Myer is majoring in politics and will receive a minor in a health, science and culture program. She is exploring graduate programs for a master’s degree in public health.

Myer hopes to apply for a Truman Scholarship and is working with the Mount Holyoke faculty on that goal. She is involved with the campus Roosevelt Institution. Myer is a graduate of Ivy Tech Community College’s Lafayette Campus in Indiana, where she was a member of Alpha Sigma Kappa Chapter.

Onjalai Flake, past International Vice President for Division IV, has transferred to George Fox University in Oregon. Her major is communication arts and her minor is broadcast journalism.

Flake has received the Multicultural Leadership Scholarship of $17,500 per year and the Franz Stenzel M.D. and Kathryn Stenzel II scholarship of $5,000 per year. She was also awarded a $5,000 Guistwhite Scholarship and a $2,000 Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship.

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