Regional Blitz Yields over 1,000 Commitments to Complete

The Rocky Mountain-Cascade Region is conducting a Campus Blitz to raise awareness about Phi Theta Kappa and encourage all students to commit to complete their degrees. The regional officers intend to visit all campuses within the three-state region by the end of 2011.

Ben Franklin poster

Linda Sprague, left, and Rocky Mountain-Cascade Regional Coordinator Velda Arnaud, with “Ben Franklin,” explain the value of a college credential.

Traveling with the regional team are 6-foot tall photo displays of Benjamin Franklin and Harriet Tubman (as 6-foot tall displays), and they are definitely attracting attention!

Harriet Tubman poster

Patty Brown invites questions about the campus blitz to promote college completion.

Harriet Tubman’s poster encourages students to follow their dreams, while the Ben Franklin poster draws attention to the dollar value of a college education.

As of November 20, 1,027 students had signed the commitment, and more signatures are being obtained as the blitz continues! Congratulations to Regional Coordinator Velda Arnaud and regional officers Matthew Ray, David Spencer, Michelle Reers, Justin Roth and David Teucher for their commitment to the completion initiative.

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