Enhancements to make Phi Theta Kappa Websites Quicker and Easier

New features coming in February to websites powered by Phi Theta Kappa will make your website login easier to remember, allow you to log in using Facebook and simplify the process of navigating from site to site.

Upcoming enhancements will implement a Single Sign-On process for Phi Theta Kappa’s family of websites, including ptk.org, my.ptk.org, store.ptk.org, convention.ptk.org and CollegeFish.org. With Single Sign-On, your email address will become your username, and you can choose your own password, making both very easy to remember.

Now with a couple of clicks you will be able to link your Facebook account with your Phi Theta Kappa website account. Then, each time you visit a Phi Theta Kappa site, just login with your Facebook username and password.

Finally, we’ve upped the efficiency of navigating among sites powered by Phi Theta Kappa by eliminating extra logins. Now when you visit one of Phi Theta Kappa’s sites you will log in and then will be able to navigate easily to other Phi Theta Kappa-powered sites during the same browser session without reentering your login at each new site – getting you where you want to go faster.

Here’s how the enhancements will work. An advisor could log in to ptk.org to manage membership recruitment and then navigate to The Phi Theta Kappa Store site and purchase chapter supplies without logging in a second time at The Store. Or, a member could log in to my.ptk.org, complete a Competitive Edge module and then navigate directly to CollegeFish.org and view their College Fish account without a second login.

After the new system is in place, we will ask you to help us make the switch. You may visit any site powered by Phi Theta Kappa and log in with your current username and password. Then, you will be asked to submit an email address that will become your new username. You will also choose your own account password. After that, each time you return to a site powered by Phi Theta Kappa, you will use the new username (your email address) and password you created to log in. We see quicker and easier as great benefits and hope you will too.

“The implementation of the Single Sign-On process is the next step in Phi Theta Kappa’s ongoing commitment to using technology to deliver the most robust resources and benefits to today’s community college scholars and the Phi Theta Kappa advisors dedicated to supporting them,” said Phi Theta Kappa Chief Information Officer Ellen Carmody Roster.

Phi Theta Kappa’s new Single Sign-On process is tentatively scheduled to begin deployment during the week of February 11. Every effort has been made to minimize website downtime, so that any service interruptions will affect only a small amount of users. On Monday, February 11, beginning at 5:00 pm CST, Phi Theta Kappa sites including ptk.org, my.ptk.org, convention.ptk.org, store.ptk.org and CollegeFish.org may experience service interruptions. Service will be restored on or before 8:30 am CST on Tuesday, February 12.

We thank you in advance for your patience, as we work to continually enhance and add value to your Phi Theta Kappa experience. For questions, please contact help@ptk.org or call 800.946.9995.

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