Honors Institute Heads to the Ballpark

On Wednesday, Phi Theta Kappa took its Honors Institute attendees out to the ballgame to see the Honors Study Topic, The Culture of Competition, at play. The evening’s lecture sponsor Leanne Jardine even got in on the action, throwing out the first pitch of the evening.

Lecture Sponsor Leanne Jardine with the Phillies Phanatic

But first, attendees were treated to a tour of some of the country’s most historic sites as part of the Wyatt Lecture, which pays tribute to Dr. Gayle Wyatt.

The Phanatic congratulates Leanne Jardine on her successful opening pitch.

Wyatt is a former member of Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters staff who played a key role in the creation and development of the Honors Study Topic and Honors Institute. He is a former college teacher who served as Academic Dean at Navarro College, and he lives in Texas.

The “Philadelphia As Text” presentation transported attendees back into late-18th-Century Philadelphia as they visited to the Independence Visitor Center, the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

“I feel that having excursions as a planned part of the program is good, especially when you’re in a historic city like Philadelphia,” said Pacific Region Coordinator Charlotte Toguchi. “It’s a really great highlight for the students.”

The Jardine Lecture took participants to a professional baseball game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Washington Nationals for a study of competition in action. The Lecture honors the contributions of Leanne W. Jardine and Richard Jardine.

Leanne Jardine is a former New York Regional Coordinator and chapter advisor for Herkimer County Community College. She was the 2002 recipient of the Board of Directors Alumni Award.

Richard Jardine is a retired teacher and an adjunct faculty member at Herkimer County Community College.

Leanne Jardine was selected to throw out the first pitch of the baseball game. She was beaming as she tossed the baseball to the Phanatic, the Phillies’ mascot.

The rival teams were evenly matched for most of the game, with the score tied at 2 to send the ballgame into extra innings. A grand slam late in the eleventh inning by the Nationals gave the visiting team the win and ended the game with a score of 6-2.

“Coming from the Pacific Region, we don’t get many opportunities to go to a major league baseball game,” Toguchi said. “It was very exciting, for me and my students.”

Thursday, June 20, was R&R Day for Institute participants, giving them an opportunity to explore Philadelphia and the surrounding area on their own. The 46th Honors Institute resumed Friday, June 21, with the Freeman and Modschiedler Lectures.

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