PAM Upgrades Ease Member Invitation Process

Back-to-school time means Phi Theta Kappa chapters will soon begin extending membership invitations to a fresh crop of eligible student scholars. To make this process more efficient, Phi Theta Kappa recently upgraded features in PAM (Personal Assistant Manager), Phi Theta Kappa’s online tool for managing the membership invitation process.

Prepare Your File

Assign Field Names

Correct File Errors

Review and Confirm Field Names

The upgrades improved PAM’s appearance and functions with most upgrades concentrated in the “Open Your Enrollment Period” and “Upload Eligible Student File” sections. Advisors will notice a refined layout with new guided messaging to smoothly move users through the process.

Thanks to the elimination of previously required questions and the upgrade of processing capabilities, advisors will be able to move more quickly through the enrollment period setup phase and will experience faster load times when uploading files.

Perhaps the most anticipated upgrade is the acceptance of Excel files. Advisors may now submit their lists of eligible students as Excel files (.xls or .xlsx) or the existing Comma-Separated Values (.csv) format.

To aid in identifying students who are already members, PAM will now compare the advisor’s eligible student list to Phi Theta Kappa’s database of members who have already been inducted by the college in the last four years, reducing the possibility of inviting students who are already members.

The process of error correction has also been enhanced with the addition of prompts that describe the errors and auto-correct them when possible and the ability to view the erroneous record’s details during the correction process.

Added features now make the assignment of field names easier. The upgrade streamlines the process of labeling columns within the file and automatically assigns them when possible.

“The PAM upgrade resulted from Phi Theta Kappa’s efforts to continually improve the performance of all of our existing software. This upgrade focused primarily on strengthening the upload of eligible students by decreasing the amount of time to process a file and accepting additional types of files,” said Phi Theta Kappa Interim Chief Information Officer Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner. “We tested the changes extensively before releasing the update to ensure a seamless transition for our advisors. The project resulted from the great work of the Marketing and Communications and Information Technology departments in collaboration with Key Services.”

To view a complete list of all recent PAM upgrades, view the project release notes. For questions or assistance, please contact the Key Services Department or call 800.946.9995.

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