Will You Meet Your Five Star Goal?

The Five Star Chapter Development Plan does much more than simply award chapters for their involvement and engagement; the plan is a roadmap for creating strong chapters, which in turn creates strong members and a robust college campus.

“Students who are engaged are more likely to stay enrolled and complete their programs,” said Dr. Dan Phelan, President of Jackson College in Jackson, Michigan. “Phi Theta Kappa provides leadership opportunities for students both on campus and off campus. It provides students assistance with completing scholarship applications and support for completing an online portfolio for career and job enhancement.

“Thus, having a strong chapter is not only central to the mission of the community college, but it also demonstrates to students the college’s commitment to excellence and achievement.”

The Five Star Plan puts the mission of Phi Theta Kappa into action through five levels of engagement that progress from local, campus involvement to regional and international involvement. A breakdown of the Five Star Chapter Development Plan can be found in the Chapter Leaders’ Guide to Success, which all advisors receive twice yearly, in January and September. It includes a suggested timeline aimed at helping you complete your goal. New chapter presidents also will receive this helpful tool as they are reported to Headquarters throughout the year.

“The Five Star Plan is a barometer for Phi Theta Kappa that measures the engagement of our chapters,” said Jennifer Stanford, Phi Theta Kappa’s Chief Student Engagement Officer. “Participation at every level of the Five Star Plan is critical to fulfilling our mission, which is why we encourage all chapters to participate at the level that fits them best each year.

“Every chapter begins anew every calendar year, allowing chapters to have a fresh start and a challenging goal year after year.”

More than 660 chapters have set a Five Star Chapter Development Goal for 2013. Is yours one of them? The deadline to report your progress is January 29, 2014. Though the year is almost up, there is still time to complete your goal. Below are some activities you can complete during November and December to reach your goal.

One Star:

  • Phi Theta Kappa Founders Day is November 19! It’s a great time to raise awareness of Phi Theta Kappa on campus, promote the benefits of membership, and celebrate with members and prospective members.
  • Update chapter activities at ptk.org/fivestar. Both advisors and chapter officers can do this.

Two Star:

  • Convene chapter meetings twice monthly (one of the meetings can be a chapter officer meeting).

Three Star:

  • Get the word out – about meetings and activities – with a chapter newsletter, website, and/or published articles in a college publication.
  • Keep a complete chronicle of the chapter’s activities.
  • Complete the Honors in Action and College Project review and reflection (learn more on page 11 of the Chapter Leaders’ Guide to Success and at ptk.org/honors).

Four Star:

  • Share information with the campus and/or community about the Honors in Action research the chapter conducted (e.g., host an event that includes a formal presentation, write an article for a publication, create a display in the library or other resource center, etc.).
  • Begin preparing for writing the 2014 Hallmark Awards entries. The deadline for most 2014 Hallmark Awards is January 29, 2014, by 5:00 p.m. CST. Details about the awards categories, judging rubrics and entry instructions can be found at ptk.org/benefits/awards/hallmark. (Note: Four Star requires at least one Hallmark Awards entry; Five Star requires Hallmark Awards entries in BOTH of the Chapter Hallmark Awards categories and at least ONE Member, Advisor, or Administrator Hallmark Awards category.)

Five Star:

  • If one of your Hallmark Awards entries will nominate a college administrator, nominations for the 2014 Administrator Hallmark Awards are due at Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters by December 4, 2013, by 5:00 p.m. CST. Details about the awards categories, judging rubrics and entry instructions can be found at ptk.org/benefits/awards/hallmark.

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