Advisor Hallmark Award Nomination Tips

Phi Theta Kappa’s Hallmark Awards recognize superior chapter and individual achievement in Society programs. Members aren’t the only ones who receive recognition – advisors play a critical role in the success of a chapter and may be nominated to receive their own special awards.

Three Advisor Hallmark Awards are given during Annual Convention:

  • Paragon Awards for New Advisors: a one-time award that recognizes advisors with less than four years of service as of the Annual Convention who have made significant contributions to the growth of the individual members, served as the chapter’s advocate on campus, and encouraged the chapter to be involved on the local, regional and/or international level of the organization.
  • Distinguished Advisor Awards: a one-time award recognizing advisors for the same criteria as the Paragon Award. The exception is that advisors must have served at least four years or more at the time of Annual Convention.
  • Continued Excellence for Advisors: this award recognizes advisors for the same criteria as the previous two awards with the exception that the advisor must have already received the Distinguished Advisor Award. Once that award has been received, the advisor becomes eligible for the Continued Excellence Award the following year. Advisors are eligible to win this award every other year.

Applications for Advisor Hallmark Awards are due by 5:00 pm CST on January 29.

The chapter president is responsible for setting up the collaboration team for the three advisor awards. Find more information on how to submit the applications here.

When preparing your applications, we encourage you to consider the following activities and responsibilities representing areas in which an advisor may support his or her Phi Theta Kappa chapter. Award entries may include highlights of the advisor’s service in these areas.

Chapter Development

  • Helped establish the chapter at the current college, or helped an existing chapter reach new levels of achievement
  • Spoke at Orientation/Induction Ceremony for eligible students
  • Conducted a chapter officer orientation and set goals each year

Development of Individual Chapter Members

  • Assisted members in developing leadership skills and encouraging them in pursuing leadership roles on the local, regional and international levels
  • Encouraged and/or assisted members with their scholarship applications and
  • Wrote letters of recommendation for chapter officers and/or members

Phi Theta Kappa Programming

  • Participated with members in the Five Star Chapter Plan, the College Project and/or the Honors in Action Project based on the Honors Study Topic
  • Is certified in the Leadership Development Studies Program

Regional & International Society Participation

  • Attended Regional Meetings
  • Presented workshops and/or served as a seminar leader at a Regional Meeting
  • Served as a Regional Advisory Board Member

There are many more examples of activities and responsibilities available here. Hallmark Awards application questions and judging rubrics for advisor awards are also available.

And as always, don’t wait until the deadline. Submit your entries now!

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