Have a Five Star Summer!

As your chapter officer team meets this summer, be sure to check your status in the Five Star Chapter Plan to make sure your chapter is on its way to meeting its goal.

The Five Star Chapter Plan puts the mission of Phi Theta Kappa into action through five levels of engagement progressing from local, campus involvement to regional and international involvement. A breakdown of the Five Star Chapter Plan can be found in the Chapter Leaders’ Guide to Success.

“The Five Star Plan is a barometer for Phi Theta Kappa that measures the engagement of our chapters,” said Jennifer Stanford, Phi Theta Kappa’s Chief Student Engagement Officer. “Participation at every level of the Five Star Plan is critical to fulfilling our mission, which is why we encourage all chapters to participate at the level that fits them best each year.”

If your chapter wants to reach higher than One Star, update your goal by clicking on the “Report Your Progress” button and choosing a different goal. Many activities that an active chapter already does – setting a membership recruitment goal, submitting a Chapter Annual Report, holding at least two chapter meetings a month and communicating with chapter members through a newsletter, Facebook or other means – count toward your progress in the plan. Be sure to report your progress regularly.

The Chapter Leaders’ Guide to Success includes a suggested timeline aimed at helping your chapter complete its goal. You can also find requirements for each level here.

Below are some activities your chapter can do this summer to maintain its momentum. Please note that these are only suggested summer activities – many of these activities can be completed at any time.

One Star:

Chapters holding a recruitment campaign, submitting the chapter annual report, and having bylaws on file with Headquarters will be recognized as One Star Chapters. Don’t miss an opportunity for your chapter to be recognized as a Star Chapter!

Two Star:

Review the Five Star Chapter Plan requirements and set a Five Star goal.

Prepare to conduct a fall membership recruitment campaign and open a second enrollment period in PAM in the fall.

Report new officers for 2014.

Verify on the chapter directory that the college president, chapter administrator and chapter advisor information is current, and report any changes.

Provide a structured orientation for new officers, advisors and committee chairs.

Have your chapter and/or chapter officers meet twice each month.

Make sure your chapter advisor(s) and chapter president each have the 2014/2015 Honors Program Guide.

Set research objectives and goals and investigate a theme of the Honors Study Topic, Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration.

Have your chapter advisor(s) and officers meet with the college president or other administrator to develop and discuss the chapter’s goals.

Three Star:

Spread the word about your chapter’s meetings and activities through a chapter newsletter, website or Facebook page or with articles published in a college publication.

Start preparing now for your Honors in Action Project and College Project activities (if you haven’t done so already).

Chronicle chapter activities for historical purposes.

Four Star:

If available, attend a regional event this summer. Or, find another way to engage with others in your region. Check your region’s information at ptk.org/regions.

Five Star:

Attending Phi Theta Kappa’s Honors Institute, June 16-21 at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, is one way your chapter can participate at the international level. So if you have a member going this year, be sure to let us know.

If your chapter was unable to send a representative NerdNation 2014 or to Honors Institute, the requirement to participate at the international level can be met if all chapter officers participate in Competitive Edge, CollegeFish.org, and view three recorded Convention or Honors Institute speakers presentations (available at my.ptk.org), and if the chapter completes the Honors Case Study Challenge (winners receive $500).

Update your chapter’s activities regularly at ptk.org/fivestar.

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