New Competitive Edge Platform Coming in August

Phi Theta Kappa will be designing a new-and-improved Five Star Competitive Edge plan this summer with an anticipated launch date of August 2015. In order to complete this “re-launch,” the current Competitive Edge platform will be disabled on May 31.

Members who have already achieved Five Stars will automatically retain their Five Star status. Many key elements of the program will remain the same, but Five Star members are welcome to go through the revised platform.

Any member working on any level in the current Competitive Edge plan will have until May 31 to finish. Otherwise, they will have to start over with the new program in August.

“We anticipate keeping many of the elements of the online professional development plan that we have now – especially the instructional videos, the Honors in Action Project, writing based on the Honors Study Topic and more,” said Jennifer Stanford, Phi Theta Kappa’s Chief Student Engagement Officer. “But there will be new elements and a new format that doesn’t consist of points. Rather, members will simply move through activities or courses one after the other to advance through the levels.”

The new Competitive Edge platform will work like an online course. Once the new site is launched in August, members, alumni and advisors can participate anytime through May 2016. The plan will still be a self-paced process through the five levels, and participants can start and finish anytime during the August-May timeframe.

In summer 2016, there will be a very short downtime to make any necessary tweaks or improvements, and then the platform will open again in August. This cycle will repeat each year.

“We continually strive to improve our member benefits and the overall Phi Theta Kappa Experience through enhancements such as these, and we hope everyone who uses the new Competitive Edge plan will find it as useful as we do,” Stanford said. “The soft skills taught through Competitive Edge are among the most in-demand skills and qualities of today’s employers. The ability for our members to learn these skills through a self-paced program such as this is among the most important benefits we can offer.”

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