Have you linked your account?

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We have recently implemented a single sign-on process allowing users to log in to any Phi Theta Kappa site, and then navigate to all other sites powered by Phi Theta Kappa without having to log in again.  This new process requires users to create a web account using their email address as their username. If you didn’t link your Member ID when you created your web account, you are missing out on access to member-only information and the ability to purchase member-only items from The Phi Theta Kappa Store.

To link your account, go to ptk.org and log in. Once you are logged in, a welcome bar containing your username will appear in the upper left portion of the page. Click the link labeled “link member id” and provide your Member ID and zip code and submit.

Click the link labeled "link member id" under the Welcome Message.

Completing this step will allow the system to recognize you as a member and will grant you access to member-only benefits and resources.

If you have not done so already, create your account today. After you have activated your account, the Manage Account page will appear. At the bottom of this page, click the link labeled “link your Member ID” and enter your Member ID and zip code.

On the Manage Account page, click the link labeled "link your Member ID" and enter your Member ID and zip code.

Your Member ID is printed on your Member ID Card that was mailed to you along with your Membership Certificate and is also included in welcome emails sent to new members shortly after they accept membership. If you are unable to locate your Member ID, please call 800.946.9995 for assistance.