Vintage Convention Pins Now Available

Collectors, get ready. You can now collect vintage lapel pins released exclusively for Phi Theta Kappa annual conventions, and the proceeds will help fund a new scholarship that will help put Phi Theta Kappa membership in reach for those who can’t otherwise afford it.

Pins from the last 15 years’ conventions are available for $5 each from the Phi Theta Kappa Store.

Convention pins were first introduced in 2000 for the convention in Orlando, Florida. The 1999-2000 International Officer Team developed the pins to fund the Leaders of Promise Scholarship, a program they established to provide scholarships to students continuing at a two-year college.

“When I was campaigning for International Office, I heard over and over from other members that paying for classes at their community colleges was a challenge,” said Laura Dupree, 1999-2000 Southern Vice President and a current chapter advisor at Lone Star College-North Harris in Texas. “My fellow officers were saying the same thing. We all heard it time and time again.”

Once the team worked out the details of the scholarship, they needed a way to fund it. Dupree had previously designed lapel pins to benefit the honors college at her school, and the team liked the idea of doing something similar. Thus, the convention pin was born.

“I’m glad that it’s worked out as well as it has and that we’ve had so many students benefit from it,” Dupree said. “It’s really great to see the new pins keep coming out each year.”

The Leaders of Promise Scholarship is now fully funded by the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, freeing proceeds from the pins to help fund other initiatives.

Over the years, convention pin proceeds have helped meet the challenges to fund the Hites Transfer Scholarship and the Oberndorf Lifeline to Completion Scholarship. Proceeds will now help fund the new Golden Opportunity Scholarship, which will launch this fall and help students cover the one-time Phi Theta Kappa membership fees.

“These vintage pins are a wonderful way to commemorate past conventions while also funding a much-needed scholarship that will allow a new generation of students to take advantage of the benefits and opportunities that come with Phi Theta Kappa membership,” said Dr. Nancy Rieves, Executive Director and CEO of the Phi Theta Kappa Foundation.

Each of the pins is different and lists the year, location and theme for the annual convention. There are limited quantities of each style — only 10 of the 2000 convention pins are available. Collect them all!

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