On the HuffPost Blog: CollegeFish Eases Path for Transfer Students

In a recent editorial on the Huffington Post Blog, Dr. Brian C. Mitchell, Director of Edvance Foundation and a former college and university president, calls creating a “seamless pathway among the various higher education sectors” one of the most persistent problems facing American higher education today — community college students in particular. His answer? CollegeFish.org.

From the post:

“More positively, the work and pledge commitments — in both financial and political capital — are encouraging signs that state, federal and foundation policy planners see the problem and are working to address it. Phi Theta Kappa, the honorary society established for two-year college students, offers one of the best and most practical approaches to address the transfer problem.”

CollegeFish.org is Phi Theta Kappa’s free online tool that helps community college students identify their best-fit four-year college or university by listing available transfer scholarships and offering resources for students It’s available for all community college students to use, although Phi Theta Kappa members get exclusive access to more than $37 million in transfer scholarships.

Students are matched with colleges based on their learning preferences, majors, career plans and financial goals.

“CollegeFish.org provides a proven admissions building block that will produce more robust transfer classes to globalize campus perspectives,” Mitchell writes.

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