Relay For Life is ‘part of my journey in life after cancer’

A chapter’s first-time participation in a local Relay For Life brought a bigger crowd to the event, led two chapter officers to become community leaders and raised more than $2,300 for the American Cancer Society.

“We are still raising money for it, as it’s a year-round cause,” said Judy Towers, recording officer for the Alpha Kappa Xi Chapter at Santa Fe Community College in New Mexico. “I love Relay For Life and what it stands for, as I am a three-year survivor of head and neck cancer.”

Phi Theta Kappa chapters have partnered with the American Cancer Society to participate in Relay For Life events for 14 years and have raised more than $3.8 million for the organization since 2002. The Top 10 fundraising chapters are recognized each year at Phi Theta Kappa’s annual convention.

Chapters are encouraged to report their participation in Relay events by September 15. Our goal as an honor society is to raise $10 million for the ACS by our 100th Anniversary Annual Convention in 2018, so we hope all chapters will find a nearby event and form a team.

Alpha Kappa Xi Chapter President Angela Luna is a thyroid cancer survivor. She and Towers were asked by the Santa Fe Relay district coordinator to serve as volunteer coordinators for the event moving forward. They’ll travel to Utah in November to begin training for their new positions, and they’re already making plans for the 2017 event.

Alpha Kappa Xi members met ACS representatives while attending Phi Theta Kappa’s 2016 convention in National Harbor, Maryland, in April. The meeting led officers to add Relay participation as a new summer event for the chapter.

“For me, my passion came through for the fight against cancer,” Towers said. “I believe this direction is part of my journey in life after cancer.”

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