Grow Your Chapter This Summer

Who says you can only enroll new members in the spring or fall? Adding Phi Theta Kappa’s Summer Enrollment Option allows you to add new members as soon as they’re eligible and keeps fresh, friendly faces in your chapter year-round.

We’ve got five reasons for you to consider the Summer Enrollment Option:

1. Opening summer enrollment provides increased access and opportunity to qualified students on your campus.

2. Students may have missed out on accepting membership in previous semesters, and for some, summer may be their last chance.

3. Students may be eager to start enjoying membership benefits ASAP, such as completing Five Star Competitive Edge over the summer.

4. Maintaining a consistent presence and activity through all academic terms helps strengthen awareness on campus; inviting and yielding more members brings your chapter closer to earning REACH Rewards.

5. It’s an opportunity to continue the momentum year round on your path to Five Star Chapter Plan success or to reinvigorate your chapter by adding new members.

Interested? Great! Here’s how you do it.

First, load a list of eligible students. For chapters that are part of the Headquarters Membership Recruitment Campaign (MRC), invitations will only be sent out via email during the summer. Contact your Divisional Specialist to set these up.

We can also send email invitations for those chapters that are not part of the MRC. Log in to; click “Advisors;” find “Your Chapter” and click “View” under “Eligible Students;” and then check the “Allow Invitations from Headquarters” box. Once you check the box, your eligible students will receive the invitation email within 15 minutes, allowing them to instantly pay and accept membership. They will also receive a reminder email 21 days later, and then a “last chance” reminder message three days before your summer enrollment period ends.

No need to organize a special induction ceremony. Students accepting membership over the summer may participate in a future induction ceremony and/or orientation if they continue their enrollment on your campus.

Headquarters staff will be available all summer to assist should your students have any questions. We highly recommend that advisors send an email to pre-notify eligible summer students. This can be done on the Phi Theta Kappa website.

Questions? Email

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