Skills You Gain in the Five Star Advisor Plan

Advisors — have you checked out the Five Star Advisor Plan yet? Four levels are now available, and the fifth one will be released soon.

This self-paced plan is for all advisors, regardless of how long you’ve served. It isn’t just “what an advisor does” — although that’s in there, too! This plan will teach you a wide range of skills that you can put to use beyond PTK.

Let’s take a by-the-level look.

Level One: Finding Your Chapter’s Members

You aren’t only learning how to find new members; you’re also learning how to

  • Develop and execute a communications plan to reach these students
  • Promote and market an international organization
  • Identify student needs and match them to opportunities and benefits
  • Ensure diversity in a large group
  • Plan and host a large-scale event
  • Promote student success among marginalized groups, such as incarcerated students

Level Two: Engaging Your Members and Identifying Officers

What will you learn as you engage members and select officers? How to

  • Identify and nourish leadership potential in others
  • Develop operations for a group of people and a strategy for effectively communicating them
  • Set a goal and develop a plan for achieving it
  • Motivate others
  • Put together and lead a successful team
  • Conduct effective meetings
  • Mange conflict through appreciative inquiry

Level Three: Participating in Regional and International Programming

Becoming engaged on the regional and international levels brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. In this level, you’ll learn to

  • Support service learning
  • Connect and collaborate with peers at other colleges
  • Develop a travel budget and organize a trip for a group
  • Organize a campaign for an elected office
  • Increase awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion
  • Promote the development of soft skills by students

Level Four: Developing Student Leaders

You’ll be able to offer unique support all the students at your college. Learn how to

  • Promote student success
  • Coach students through the transfer process
  • Equip workforce-bound students for career success
  • Help students craft effective scholarship applications
  • Support international students
  • Develop a project to solve or fulfill a need on your campus
  • Understand bystander strategies to prevent discrimination

Level Five: Supporting Undergraduate Research and Building Administrative Support

Ready for the final level? It’s coming soon, but here’s a preview — you’ll learn how to

  • Build collaborative partnerships with campus and community leaders
  • Utilize social media more effectively
  • Be a better marketer
  • Support undergraduate research
  • Shape civic-minded scholar-leaders
  • Engage student success stakeholders
  • Guide students through competitive awards processes

If you’d like to master these skills and more, start the Five Star Advisor Plan today!

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