Honors in Action Grants

The purpose of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors in Action Grant Program is to support student engagement in Honors in Action. Grant proceeds may not be used for travel, food, supplies, or conference registration fees. All chapters are strongly encouraged to participate in this program to enhance Honors in Action programming.

Here are some ways chapters utilized their HIA grants:

  • Purchased books for “common book” discussion group
  • Purchased journal articles for HIA research
  • Awarded an honoraria to faculty who helped with brainstorming, developing a research question, academic research, and other parts of the academic investigation part of HIA projects
  • Museum visits during academic investigation phase of the project
  • Purchased small research-related gifts for chapter members who served on the HIA team
  • Purchased and rented audio, video, and scanning equipment for use in HIA project
  • Hired a graphic designer to create marketing tools from the chapter’s draft designs
  • Awarded honoraria or purchased gifts for HIA event speakers
  • Designed and purchased shirts to promote HIA events
  • Hired a web designer to create HIA-related web pages

Questions about Honors in Action Grants may be sent to Susan Edwards at susan.edwards@ptk.org.

Spring 2023 HIA Grant applications are due Thursday, June 8. The application is only accessible to chapter advisors and chapter officers reported to Headquarters. 

Funding for Honors in Action grants has been provided by

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