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Each year at Phi Theta Kappa’s Annual Convention, five students are elected to serve a one-year term as International Officers. This is the highest position of student leadership within the organization. The International Officer Team includes a president and four vice presidents, each representing one of the Society’s four geographic divisions.

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2023-2024 Officers

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Campaigning for International Office

An active member who has the approval of their chapter advisor and college president/CEO may seek International Office once by completing the online Candidate Application provided by Headquarters. The online application opens in the fall.


What do International Officers do?
  • Preside at the Annual Convention and Regional Institute
  • Give speeches and workshops about Phi Theta Kappa’s programs at regional meetings
  • Write articles for Society communications
  • Participate in local chapter activities
  • Set goals for their term in office
What are the benefits of serving as an International Officer?
  • $2,000 scholarship and exclusive pearl-accented lapel pin
  • One-year executive internship with Society leaders
  • Professional experience in public speaking, transfer and career coaching, goal-setting, and more
  • Opportunity to represent PTK at national conferences and regional events at no cost to you
Who is eligible to run for International Office?

Active members (those currently enrolled at their chapter’s college) who have written approval of their college president and chapter advisor may seek International Office. Elected International Officers must be primarily enrolled at their chapter’s college during the one-year term in office. Officers may be dually enrolled, but the majority of their coursework must be at their chapter’s college. Online courses are acceptable.

How do I receive a Candidate Application?

The online Candidate Application will open in Fall 2023. To be notified as soon as it is available, please email Jennifer Stanford.

When is the application due at Headquarters?

The 2024 application must be submitted by 5:00 pm CST on Monday, February 5.

Who may serve as campaign manager?

Headquarters does not require a candidate to have a campaign manager. However, if a campaign manager is appointed, they must be an active member of Phi Theta Kappa (currently enrolled in a college). An alumni member or former International Officer may not serve in this leadership position. It is acceptable for alumni and former International Officers to support the candidate as a member of the campaign team. While chapter advisors and Regional Coordinators may not serve on a campaign team, they may provide guidance to a candidate behind-the-scenes.

What are the enrollment requirements if elected?

If you are elected, you will be required to take the majority of your college coursework at your chapter’s college during the one-year term in office. International Officers must complete at least six credit hours each semester during their term in office and must remain active in their chapter. International Officers are allowed to be dually enrolled; however, they must take most of their coursework at the college where they are a member.

Questions may be directed to Jennifer Stanford or 601.984.3532.

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