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The Value of Recognition

Editor’s Note: This post was written and submitted by Obinna Muoh, International Vice President for Division 3.

Phi Theta Kappa’s President and CEO Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner often says, “Our mission begins at recognition; but unlike other honor societies, it does not end there.” Phi Theta Kappa sees the value in recognition because when a person is recognized, not only does it create excitement, but it also motivates the individual and other individuals to rise. Recognition takes part in shaping the minds of Phi Theta Kappans, and the four hallmarks of PTK are the pillars in fulfilling this mission.

PTK leadership opportunities are available at the local, regional, and international levels. PTK provides the opportunity for you to get out of your comfort zone so you’re able to see another dimension of yourself.

Just as PTK’s mission is about recognition, it also wants to give you an opportunity to recognize your unique gifts. PTK does not end at recognition; rather, it’s the beginning of a transformation.

This year, the DiversiFive International Officer team created a pin to recognize Past Regional Officers (PRO’s). Creating a pin dedicated to PRO’s will recognize them for an amazing service to their region and to the organization as a whole.

Taking on a leadership role in PTK comes with responsibility. The tremendous work done by our past regional officers has contributed to the success of our Society.

We are proud to see this project come to fruition. PRO pins will be available for purchase in the Phi Theta Kappa Store at the end of April. Regional Coordinators — this will be a wonderful way for you to honor the work of your outgoing regional officers.

Scholarships are another way PTK recognizes students. The Spring Scholarship Application is now open for members who will still be seeking associate degrees in the fall. This is the moment to share your story. Complete the application for this scholarship because you will never know the outcome unless you try. A PTK scholarship allowed me to return to college.

Participation in Honors in Action and College Projects — and PTK’s recognition of it — has deepened members’ perspectives in ways we can’t comprehend. Growth, experience, love, and recognition in PTK is infinite.

PTK is all about fellowship, and the opportunity to be recognized by a peer is powerful in the process of an individual’s growth. PTK knows how to build you up if only you are willing to make yourself uncomfortable.

Dr. Tincher-Ladner said, “PTK membership is like a gym membership. What you put is what you get out of it.” You have the choice to either stop at PTK’s first part of the mission (recognition) or invest yourself in all that PTK offers in order to keep growing.

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