Phi Theta Kappa offers sophisticated tools for both student and graduate recruitment.

University Transfer Recruiters

Colleges use PTK Connect, Phi Theta Kappa’s online tool, to search for, identify, and connect with high-achieving prospective transfer students across the country and abroad. With a subscription to PTK Connect, you can:

  • Cultivate relationships with prospective students
  • Promote your college’s transfer pathways
  • Introduce scholarships to help students finance their education
  • Identify ideal transfer recruits unique to your recruitment needs
  • Locate students who have demonstrated interest in your college

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Job Recruiters

PTK Connect for Business is a powerful database built for human resources specialists and hiring managers to identify top talent for their organization. The database allows you to search for candidates with the skills and degrees you need. PTK students have one thing in common: they are high-achieving, proven leaders with the knowledge, job skills, and soft skills to help your organization succeed.

In addition to highly qualified, job-ready talent, PTK Connect for Business gives you:

  • A clean, verified database of more than 425,000 top candidates
  • On-demand, real time results you can trust
  • Competitive pricing for high value and ROI
  • An HR resource built from pre-qualified opt-ins, not built from data aggregators
  • Time-saving alternative to job fairs and recruiting events

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