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Why Membership Really Matters

More than 123,000 students became Phi Theta Kappa members in 2017. By doing so, they’ve increased their chances for completing a college credential, earning a scholarship, gaining valuable leadership experience, and entering the workforce a step ahead of the rest.

For many students, Phi Theta Kappa membership is the first affirmation of what they can achieve. But it’s also more than that — they are instantly propelled into a supportive community of scholars invested in their success.

“Phi Theta Kappa has made my college experience one hundred times better,” said member Andrew Schumacher. “I have made many great friends; it’s like a family who is there to support you.”

PTK membership is critical to student success and completion. The average member receives $2,500 in transfer scholarships to assist with degree completion, plus access to Society programs that promote personal growth.

And while the national completion rate of students attending an associate degree-granting college hovers around 38 percent, 91 percent of PTK members complete an associate degree and/or transfer to a university to complete a bachelor’s degree.

In other words, PTK is a big part of the completion conversation — and we’re moving the needle on student success. Membership is an advantage that as many students as possible should have as they enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year college.

“Membership leads to higher completion rates among members, more scholarships, and more opportunities to engage with peers and faculty,” PTK President and CEO Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner said. “PTK should be a part of the student success portfolio of each college.”

Knowing a vast majority of conversations about membership occur on college campuses, PTK is recognizing and investing in chapters that find creative ways to make sure every student who has received an invitation has the opportunity to gain the benefits. The REACH Rewards program incentivizes chapters to increase their acceptance rates by giving them free graduation stoles. See the full list of 2018 REACH chapters.

The chapters get free graduation regalia and a larger, more active membership. The colleges see their graduation rates increase and more scholarship dollars come into their institutions. The members have their lives changed.

“In almost no time, PTK has revolutionized the way I understand leadership, and how I understand myself as a leader,” said member Freedom Martin. “If not for PTK, I wouldn’t recognize the importance of going for broke and trying your hardest to achieve as much as possible.”

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