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#PTKServeDay: How You Can Participate (and Why You Should)

Editor’s Note: This post was written and submitted by David Parker, International Vice President for Division 2.

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since I received the fateful email inviting me to join Phi Theta Kappa. Accepting membership significantly altered the path of my time in college, and now that I’m in the midst of my final semester before transferring, I’m left with much to reflect on.

I have gained countless memories, lessons, and bonds from this organization throughout the years, all of which generate a sense of unshakable nostalgia. There is only one answer, however, that I would give if asked what has been the most rewarding aspect of PTK. This one thing, that has shined the most out of this incredible three-year blur, is service.

Service, whether in the form of serving in a leadership capacity or taking time to help others, has taught me the most lessons, created the most memories, and developed the strongest bonds between my peers and I. As a Hallmark, service silently reminds us of our fortune and reciprocates kindness. Many members join our honor society at the prospect of the opportunity to not only give back, but to also share the experience with like-minded servant leaders.

This is why I am so excited to introduce the first-ever PTK Serve Day to take place on March 2. A day to show pride in one of our Hallmarks, a day to celebrate our commitment to charity, and a day to demonstrate what it means to be a Phi Theta Kappan.

On this day, we encourage chapters and members from all over the world to post pictures of their favorite service events over the past year using #PTKServeDay or, if possible, go out and engage the community with your helping hands. Let’s flood each other’s timelines with examples of service. This would be the perfect way to wrap up PTK Awareness Week, which will be happening from February 25 to March 1.

Here’s a chance for your chapter to Increase its visibility both in the community and online. A chance to engage your members with meaningful and rewarding opportunities. A chance to highlight to your prospective members the types of experiences they can be a part of.

Did I also mention there’s a contest taking place? In addition to posting on social media, you can also send your best pictures to for a chance to be spotlighted on PTK’s official website banner! If you do, don’t forget to include your chapter and college name along with a description of the service project in your email. Send it with the subject line, “PTK Serve Day Photo Contest.” Best of luck!

I have a friend who, whenever she talks about service, mentions Maya Angelou’s famous quote: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

So, I charge you with this. How will you be remembered? What words and actions will you leave behind before you enter the next chapter of your life? And, when those impressions fade, how will you make them feel this PTK Serve Day?

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