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PTK’s Scholarship App is Changing

Phi Theta Kappa’s scholarship application is now open — and it will stay open year-round.

This is just one change we’re making to our application process that we hope will make it easier for you to apply for and receive scholarships. You’ll be able to work on the single application at your convenience throughout the year, updating it as needed with activities and accomplishments until the deadline to increase the competitiveness and strength of your application.

Scholarships will still be divided into spring and fall offerings, so you will still need to apply by certain deadlines so we can select winners incrementally throughout the year:

Spring Scholarships

  • Typically for students continuing in their two-year program in the fall term
  • Deadline is 5 p.m. CT on Friday, May 3

Fall Scholarships

  • Typically for students planning to transfer to a four-year program or enter the workforce directly after graduation
  • Deadline is 5 p.m. CT on Friday, October 25
  • All-USA nominations due by 5 p.m. CT on Friday, November 8

“The beauty in this process is that students aren’t locked out of being considered for scholarships based on the application being closed,” said Christin Grissom, PTK’s Associate Vice President of Scholarship. “In the past, if a student accepted membership when the application was closed and they transferred to a four-year college or got into their career field the semester following their membership acceptance, they missed the opportunity to apply for our scholarships.”

Having only one application for all the scholarships PTK offers means the scholarships are more accessible for more students. But, this doesn’t mean that you complete the application once and forget about it; you’ll want to come back to it in the spring and fall at least to update your eligibility quiz and see if you’re eligible for additional awards.

“More than 22,000 students completed scholarship applications last year — a 27 percent increase — and we want to see that number continue to go up,” Christin said.

The new, more user-friendly scholarship application is also Scholar Snapp enabled, so you can create a Snapp profile and push/pull information between our scholarship application and their site. Scholar Snapp, an initiative of the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, lets you store and reuse your application content — even answers to essay questions that may not be framed the same way on all applications may come in handy later.

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