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Two Clicks to Scholarship Dollars: Scholar Snapp & PTK Connect

Editor’s Note: This post was written and submitted by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

As a Phi Theta Kappa student, two of the biggest challenges you face when looking at transfer opportunities are lack of time and money. Scholar Snapp, an initiative of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, helps solve those problems by enabling you to reuse your information from one scholarship application to another. With the recent integration of Scholar Snapp, PTK members have the opportunity to automatically apply for scholarship opportunities through PTK Connect. And with the creation of a Scholar Snapp Profile, you can unlock access to thousands of additional scholarship awards.

Learn more about Scholar Snapp in this brief Q&A, featuring Kevin Byrne, Managing Director, US Programs, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

How does Scholar Snapp work?

Scholarships are a great way for you to get money for college, but filling out applications can be extremely time-consuming. You can spend hours re-entering the same information from one application to the next. Name. Address. Phone number. Email. Another essay to write. Repeat.

With Scholar Snapp, we’ve lessened that burden to help you save time by reusing your application details from one application to another. This isn’t just basic information like name and address, but essays, transcripts, and more. Rather than re-entering the same information over and over, you can fill out one application and simply import it into another application using your Scholar Snapp Profile.

When you start the next application, you can sync with Scholar Snapp to import all your application fields. Two clicks, a quick review, and you’re ready to go!

How does Scholar Snapp support transfer students?

Transfer students make up 38 percent of all students in higher education, yet you are often on your own when it comes to navigating the process — including accessing the financial aid you need to pay for college. We are proud to collaborate with Phi Theta Kappa to broaden the opportunities available to community college students nationwide. Through PTK Connect, members can “snapp” their Scholar Snapp Profile into scholarship applications or save completed fields to a new profile, and use it for scholarships outside of PTK Connect, saving you even more time.

In the future, Scholar Snapp will be integrated into Phi Theta Kappa’s membership process. When a student becomes a member, they will be automatically considered for the scholarship program – so no one misses out on the opportunity to access more than $46 million in scholarship awards!

Members of Phi Theta Kappa can also access a range of other quality scholarship opportunities through Look out for the Scholar Snapp symbol to find the applications that are Scholar Snapp enabled — which means a completed application is just a few clicks away. And for those programs that are not Scholar Snapp enabled, because of your robust profile information from PTK Connect, you’ll be able to see other scholarship programs that more closely match your educational plans. Learn more about how to get started at

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