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PTK Catalyst is over. Now What?

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Earlier this month, almost 4,000 PTK students, advisors and college leaders gathered in Orlando, Florida for PTK Catalyst. It was an amazing three-day experience, where we laughed, learned and celebrated the amazing accomplishments of PTK students, chapters, regions and advisors. It was the culmination of the good work that is happening in PTK chapters throughout the world and is the best evidence of the quality and opportunity that exists on community college campuses from California to Delaware and everywhere in between.

We are all home and feeling energized—now what? In science, a Catalyst is something that increases the rate change. PTK Catalyst is something that we hope will do the same in your life and in the life of your PTK chapter, on your campus and in your community. Here are a few things that you can do to use your PTK Catalyst experience to create change in your life and in the life of your PTK chapter.

Share what you learned—Not everyone in your chapter or region had an opportunity to attend PTK Catalyst. Talk to your chapter advisor about sharing what you learned at your next chapter or regional meeting. Create a presentation, host a workshop or just have a conversation about your PTK Catalyst takeaways so that others can benefit and be inspired by your experience.

Set goals for yourself—Were you inspired to run for International Office or to become a leader in your chapter or region? Did you attend the college fair and learn about a right-fit college that you want to know more about? Did you attend an Educational Forum or hear a general session speaker that inspired you to do something new? If so, create a plan to help you achieve those goals.

Set goals for your chapter—At PTK Catalyst, we celebrated the amazing accomplishments of PTK chapters and their work in the areas of college project, honors in action and membership recruitment. Set goals for your chapter to increase participation in programs or to step up membership recruitment on your campus and then put a plan in motion to make those goals a reality.

Say, “Thank You”—If you attended PTK Catalyst, you likely did not get there without the help and support of your chapter advisor or college president. Be sure to thank them and share the value of your experience. Tell them what you learned and how you were impacted. Doing so will encourage them to continue their support of future PTK members at your college.

I can’t wait until we meet next year in Dallas Texas and celebrate the amazing work of our members, chapters, advisors and colleges. Until then, keep on making a difference on your campuses and in your communities!

Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner is president and CEO of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. If you would like to reach Lynn, please contact her at

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