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Why Five Star? We’ve Got 5 Reasons

Five Star Chapter

Editor’s Note: This post was written and submitted by Jennifer Stanford, PTK’s Associate Vice President of Program Implementation.

All chapters that have set a goal in the Five Star Chapter Plan are building toward excellence one step at a time. It’s also a critical tool for how Phi Theta Kappa leaders monitor student engagement.

Guiding chapters through what it means to be an active PTK chapter is at the heart of the Plan. Chapters choose how engaged they want to be by setting a goal for Levels One through Five. Level One means your chapter is strictly an induction-only chapter, but if your chapter has chapter officers who are ready to get more out of membership, then Levels Two through Five are for you. Review the levels now.

Chapter Leaders can plan their work by working the Plan! Here are five benefits to participating:

Save Time! Use the Five Star Plan to organize your chapter’s priorities so you can put together a plan of action and start making a difference right away.

Set a Goal Any Time. On a quarter or semester system? Doesn’t matter! The Five Star Plan activities are completed anytime during the January-December calendar year. While some chapters start in January/February, many don’t get going until summer or even early fall. The deadline to report your chapter’s final level of achievement for the 2019 calendar year is January 23, 2020.

Increase College Administration Support. Following the Plan allows your chapter multiple opportunities to build a collaborative partnership with your college administration.

Be Recognized! ALL achievement levels — from One Star to Five Star — are recognized locally, regionally, and internationally. Your chapter is only competing with itself to reach the highest level possible.

Practice Workplace Skills. Setting goals, planning projects, communicating, working as a team, and being accountable are all key areas to emphasize in your scholarship applications and/or job resumes. Working the Five Star Plan means working on your professional development, too!

Regions have a Five Star Plan, too, and their chapters’ participation in the Five Star Chapter Plan helps them earn star levels. Track your chapter and region’s progress anytime.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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