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5 Ways to Promote Your Chapter

Promote Chapter

Whether you want to increase your chapter’s membership or get more active and engaged members, you must promote your chapter on your campus — it’s a no-brainer.

Marketing your chapter can seem daunting, but it’s much easier than you think. A few little actions can actually make a big impact. Here are the steps you need to take to get your chapter’s name out there, courtesy of the Five Star Advisor Plan.

1. Name a Communications Officer and Start Making Contacts

At least one of your chapter officers should be solely dedicated to communications, publicity, or marketing. You could include social media here as well, but in that case, you may want to consider a communications team.

Your communications officer should get to work making contacts on campus.

  • Find out who runs the school newspaper and who sends e-newsletters out to students and faculty. Get to know these people, and start sharing your news and upcoming events with them.
  • All colleges have a marketing, communications, or public relations department. The names vary, but the missions are the same: to gain publicity for your college. The projects your chapter is leading and the scholarships and awards your members are receiving are big news. Learn how to build a relationship with this team in Level 5 of the Five Star Advisor Plan.

Next, your communications officer should establish a regular form of communication with current members. It could be bi-weekly emails, weekly text updates, or regular posts on Facebook — staying in contact with your members keeps them engaged and energized, and they’re more likely to share PTK with others.

2. Get on Social Media

There’s no excuse: If you want to effectively market your chapter to eligible students, you must be on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram at least. Find out where your students are, and start a profile for your chapter.

Promote your social media sites at all events and meetings. Have your officers invite their friends to like and follow your pages.

Post regularly — find a schedule that works for you, and stick to it. Share chapter and college news and events, stories and articles your members might find inspirational or helpful, and photos from your projects, trips, and fundraisers.

We dive deeper into tips for building your social media presence in Level 5 of the advisor curriculum.

3. Promote Yourself on Campus

Utilize the #IAMPTK recruitment toolkit. This toolkit has everything you need to spread awareness and increase visibility for your chapter, including posters, recruitment cards, stickers, social media posts, and much more, and it’s getting a fresh update this fall. (See more specific tips for using the toolkit in the Five Star Advisor Plan.)

Get your college faculty and staff involved. Hold an outreach campaign to educate them on Phi Theta Kappa, and ask them to promote membership in their classrooms.

Participate in PTK’s Awareness Week. Join Headquarters in a weeklong membership recruitment blitz each semester — the next one is September 23-27. If these dates don’t work for you, then plan your own with our online resources.

4. Be an Active Presence on Campus

Set a day each week for your members to wear their Phi Theta Kappa or chapter t-shirts. The consistent visual cues will build familiarity with those on campus.

Next, participate in as many on-campus events as you can as a chapter. Set up a table during orientations. Attend sporting events or campus socials as a group.

Support other organizations on campus. Partner with them on fundraisers and service projects to expand your reach.

And, invite others to your events. Commit to hosting at least one event each semester that’s open to both members and non-members, such as movie or game nights, tailgating tents, or study sessions during finals. This is a very effective way to introduce others to PTK.

5. Get Creative with the Resources Around You

There’s no better way to promote your chapter than good, old-fashioned word-of-mouth. Encourage your chapter officers to start with the people they already know. Challenge them to tell one friend about PTK each day or week and bring one friend to the next meeting.

Target the high achievers directly. As soon as the President’s List or Dean’s List is released, reach out to the students on it. Congratulate them and tell them to be on the lookout for their PTK membership invitations.

Outsource your marketing. If your college has marketing, public relations, or graphic design classes, see if they’ll take on your chapter as a class project. They’ll learn more about the organization, and you’ll get professional-grade collateral.

Advisors, summer is the perfect time to work through the Five Star Advisor Plan, where you’ll learn everything you need to know to effectively lead your chapter. Get started today.

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