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Land Your Dream Job with Employment Edge

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Entering the workforce can be tricky. What do employers want to see on a resume? How can you negotiate a starting salary? What about networking?

Employment Edge is here to answer these questions and many more. Launching August 1, it is the latest offering in our PTK Edge curricula.

“The primary focus is to prepare our members, alumni, even advisors to successfully enter and navigate the workforce,” said Dr. Johannah Williams, PTK’s Associate Vice President of STEM and Workforce Programs. “The topics in this course were recommended by employers nationwide. These are the things they want you to know before seeking employment with their companies.”

Like Competitive Edge and Transfer Edge, Employment Edge is a free, online, self-paced course with videos, readings, web resources, activities, and quick quizzes to test your knowledge as you go. It also features interviews with employers and industry experts who give their best advice for employment preparation and success.

At the end of the course, you’ll have an employment journal with resources you can apply in the real world. And, you’ll also receive a digital credential as you complete each section. This electronic badge verifies your new skills and accomplishments and can be displayed on your social media profiles.

Employment Edge is divided into four sections:

Section 1: AIM

In the first section, you’ll identify your employment goals and any career-specific or general employment skills you need to gain. You’ll also explore internships and learn how to recognize soft networking skills.

Topics include:
• Clarifying Your Employment Goals
• 10 Essential Tips for Choosing a Career
• Starting a Career Journal
• Internship Advice, Tips, and Tricks
• Searching for an Internship

Section 2: ACT

In section two, you’ll explore the components of LinkedIn and learn ways to protect your employment reputation online. You’ll also craft an effective resume and cover letter and learn the steps of conducting an effective job search.

Topics include:
• Resume and Cover Letter Writing
• Developing a Career-Specific Resume
• Creating a LinkedIn Profile: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet
• Understanding and Protecting Your Digital Footprint

Section 3: ADVANCE

As you work through section three, you’ll learn how to interpret hard networking skills, build networking contacts, and develop an elevator pitch. You’ll also review career fairs and identify the stages of the interview process.

Topics include:
• How to Network: 3 Tips to Advance Your Career
• Recruiting 101
• Finding a Bridge Person
• Crafting Your Elevator Pitch
• Navigating Career Fairs

Section 4: ACHIEVE

The final section takes you through the actual hiring process. You’ll learn tips for a successful interview and how to draft a thank-you letter. You’ll also explore the basics of salary negotiation and benefits packages, and you’ll identify each step of the employment process.

Topics include:
• All About Application Tracking Software
• How to Ace an Interview
• Top 10 Interview Questions and Best Answers
• Body Language and Confidence — Your Best Interview Weapon
• Salary Negotiation Tips
• Benefits Packages: What You Need to Know

Get started with Employment Edge today, and explore the rest of our PTK Edge curricula.

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