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New Leadership Development Studies Course is Here and Online Only

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This is a game-changer: the sixth edition of Phi Theta Kappa’s Leadership Development Studies curriculum is here, it’s entirely online, and it’s free for all members.

You don’t even need a textbook — the curriculum uses open source materials that are readily available and include readings, TED Talks, videos, podcasts, and film studies. The course is grounded in the Humanities and features Classic Cases and Leadership Profiles from history and literature, as well as active learning exercises, discussions, and leadership journals.

“We are ecstatic to not only introduce the new curriculum but to also make it accessible to every single one of our PTK members for free,” said Susan Edwards, PTK’s Associate Vice President of Honors Programming and Undergraduate Research. “We have seen powerful leaders emerge from this course and believe everyone should have the opportunity to develop their own leadership potential.”

PTK’s Leadership Development Studies is one of only eight curricula recognized as an Exemplary Leadership Development Program in Higher Education by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Through this unique course, you’ll develop your own personal leadership philosophy through personal reflection.

The leadership curriculum can still be taught as a course for credit, as a continuing education course, or as a workshop by certified faculty. PTK will continue to have an annual certification session for those who want to become certified to teach the course. Certified faculty — you’ll be able to link the curriculum to your college’s learning management system.

The curriculum is also available to non-PTK members for a $10 access fee.

The sixth edition pulls more diverse voices into the curriculum. For example, you’ll watch TED Talks by Luma Mufleh of Jordan, founder of Fugees Family, Inc., a nonprofit that works with child survivors of war; Gonzalo Vilariño of Argentina, head coach of the Argentine Powerchair Soccer National Team; and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie of Nigeria, a best-selling author.

There are 10 units for the course:

Unit One: Developing a Personal Leadership Philosophy

Examine different views of leadership and establish the foundation for a personal leadership philosophy.

Unit Two: Leading by Serving

This unit explores servant leadership and demonstrates that leadership in any field requires you to do more than just lead; the important thing is to serve.

Unit Three: Understanding Ethical Leadership

Learn the concepts of personal and institutional social responsibility and social responsiveness, and survey the process of ethical reasoning and its tools.

Unit Four: Articulating a Vision

Inspiring a shared vision is one of the most difficult tasks a leader faces; explore the critical link between a leader’s vision and his or her ability to communicate its essence powerfully.

Unit Five: Team Building

Discover how an effective leader engages in team-building activities to increase the effectiveness of groups and the satisfaction of individuals working in groups.

Unit Six: Leading With Goals

Learn why goals are the stepping stones to personal, interpersonal, and career development and are critical for effective leadership.

Unit Seven: Making Decisions

This unit investigates the process of decision making first from a personal perspective and then from a broader perspective, when decisions will affect many.

Unit Eight: Guiding Through Conflict

You’ll learn that the leader’s task is not to remove conflict but to choreograph it in order to reduce its harmful side effects, maximize its positive benefits, and maintain civility.

Unit Nine: Realizing Change

Discover why one of the most important tasks of the leader is to encourage the ongoing rejuvenation of a group or organization.

Unit Ten: Empowering Others

Empowerment is an important concept for effective leadership; explore different approaches and the varied ways leaders can empower others.

Read more about each unit.

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