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Mount Saint Mary’s University Announces Scholarships

Mount St, Mary's College

Phi Theta Kappa members have a new reason to be unstoppable in their pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. Mount Saint Mary’s University (MSMU) just announced new transfer scholarships exclusively for PTK members.

The university is the only women’s university in Los Angeles and one of the most diverse in the nation. It is known nationally for its research on gender equity, its innovative health and science programs, and its commitment to community service.

Learn more about the transfer opportunities for PTK members at the Mount from the Q&A below.

Tell us about your college’s new transfer scholarship for members of Phi Theta Kappa.

MSMU offers internal scholarships of $1,000 to associate degree students attending MSMU who continue one for a bachelor’s degree. These scholarships are renewable for each year of persistence. In addition, MSMU offers three (3) $4,000 scholarships for students transferring from any two-year college to pursue a bachelor’s degree a the Chalon Campus and one (1) $4,000 scholarship a student from any college (two-year or four-year) into the Weekend/Online Program.

Why does your college feel that it is important to offer a scholarship opportunity for members?

MSMU offers scholarships to PTK members because it is in keeping with our Mission Statement:

As a Catholic university primarily for women, we are dedicated to providing a superior education enhanced by an emphasis on building leadership skills and fostering a spirit to serve others.

Are there other transfer scholarships that could be stacked with your Phi Theta Kappa award?

Yes! MSMU offers scholarships for incoming transfer students beginning at $5,000. All students will be considered for these merit scholarships in addition to any funds awarded as a result of PTK membership.

What other opportunities are available for transfer students at your institution to assist them in successfully transitioning from community college?

As part of MSMU’s mandatory transfer student orientation, students meet with their academic advisor to select classes and receive counseling on their desired major. Incoming students are also introduced to Student Affairs leadership and made aware of academic and counseling support services as well as career services and student life.

In your opinion, what is one of the most impressive things about your college?

As a Catholic liberal arts college of the 21st century, we at Mount Saint Mary’s University understand the transformational imperative of higher education, and we stand ready to create new models of excellence to meet the changing needs of society. As we move forward, we remain steadfast in our commitment to the liberal arts for we believe that there is no education more practical and more aspirational than the liberal arts and sciences. The liberal arts are at the heart of all we do. (MSMU Strategic Plan, 2013-2018)

Are there any special events or deadlines on your recruitment calendar that you would like to share with PTK members?

Since we are adding new dates for admissions’ events throughout the year, we advise that students check our website at for specific information.

In addition to offering campus tours and appointments with admissions counselors Monday – Friday between 10 am and 3 pm, we also offer the following events for prospective transfer students.

Applications Days – This is an on-campus program hosted on both campuses for first-year prospective students and incoming transfer students. Students are invited to come to campus, submit all documents, get their application fee waived and be interviewed by an admissions counselor. If possible, they’ll receive an official admission decision that day.

Open House – MSMU’s Open House is hosted at the Chalon Campus during the fall and offers prospective students the opportunity to tour the campus and learn more about the academics and social life of the Mount. This program requires the participation of faculty and numerous staff members as prospective students are trying to evaluate whether MSMU is the right place for them.

For transfer admission MSMU offers priority deadlines each semester which provide opportunities for early academic advisement and course selection, however after our priority deadlines we offer rolling admission. Students received full consideration for MSMU grant and scholarship consideration regardless of when they apply.

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