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PTK Membership Pays at Erskine College

Erskine College

Erskine College is a small college that’s big on Phi Theta Kappa. The college now offers a substantial transfer scholarship covering over half of overall costs for PTK members.

Located in the small college town of Due West, South Carolina, this liberal arts college offers academic excellence in a family-like learning environment.

Ready to know more about this gem? We posed a few questions to the college officials, to get the scoop.  Check out the responses we received.

Tell us about your college’s new transfer scholarship for members of Phi Theta Kappa.
The Phi Theta Kappa award from Erskine College provides a non-stackable, $25,000 per year towards tuition. This reduces the overall cost of attendance by more than 50%. This award is renewable for up to four years, allowing time to consider pursuing a double or triple major without the worry of a compressed timeframe.

Why does your college feel that it is important to offer a scholarship opportunity for members?
Phi Theta Kappa is a prestigious award recognized by colleges and universities across the country. At Erskine College, we feel it is appropriate to award members at such a high level because they have demonstrated the perseverance to maintain a high academic standard across several semesters of attendance. We also realize that students often pursue the two-year college route in order to save on education costs. This award enables us to continue those savings by carrying some of that burden for them.

In your opinion, what is one of the most impressive things about your college?
The community at Erskine College is simply amazing. Students arriving to campus for the first time are welcomed with open arms by fellow students, faculty, and staff. Students have no trouble building their own community of friends throughout the years – friendships that will last a lifetime. Faculty and staff always have open office doors to allow students to come in for help in their classes or chats about life. They love to get to know the students and often continue as mentors and friends after graduation! The Erskine Alumni Network is also vast and spread nationwide – and even internationally. Erskine faculty love to contribute to life at Erskine by helping students earn internships in their personal businesses, providing advice on a career path, or by taking in a student that cannot travel home for the holidays. Students at Erskine are never far from a family member at Erskine, just maybe not in the form they expected.

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