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We Answer Your Top Transfer Questions [video]

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We sourced our social media sites and groups to find the most commonly asked questions you have about transferring. Heather Yush, PTK’s Associate Director of College and Transfer Relations, then posed them game-show style to two transfer admissions experts, Nicole Williams from Merrimack College in Massachusetts and Chorissa Butler from Prescott College in Arizona.

Are any of these on your list of must-ask transfer questions?

• Is an ACT or SAT score required for transfer admission?
• Will having a pass/fail grade or a withdrawal on my transcript negatively impact my admission?
• Does my transfer school need to know if my financial situation has changed due to the coronavirus?
• Is it too late to submit a transfer application for fall 2020?
• How do colleges feel about a gap semester or gap year?
• Are dual-enrolled high school students considered freshmen applicants or transfer students?
• Should I contact an admissions representative before or after I apply to their college?
• Should I just enroll at one college, or is it okay if I take classes from multiple colleges?

Watch the video below to get the answers:

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