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7 Reasons You Should Apply for Internships [video]

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We’ve all been there — in order to get a job in your career path, you need work experience. But in order to get work experience, you need a job in your career path. Get out of this cycle with an internship.

An internship is like a temporary job with a company that aligns with your career path. Even if it’s unpaid, as most are, you’ll still gain the skills and resources you need.

In this short video, Dr. Johannah Williams, PTK’s Association Vice President of STEM and Workforce Programs, tells you where to find internships, how to apply, and how to make the most of them. She also explains these seven reasons you should apply:

1. An internship gives you real-world work experience, filling that employment-skill gap in your resume. And don’t think you’ll just be fetching coffee — in many cases, you’re actually doing work that your future job will require.

2. An internship is an opportunity to meet and become close with a mentor in your industry.

3. This is also a great opportunity to make sure your chosen career path is right for you. If possible, start internships early in your college journey. If you find that you don’t actually enjoy the field, there’s plenty of time to change directions. If you do like the field, the internship can be a very motivational experience.

4. Internships give you many networking opportunities that are relevant in your field.

5. There’s also the possibility for permanent job placement once your internship is fulfilled. More than 50 percent of interns get hired at the end.

6. An internship is a great way to build your list of references. Engage with those at the organization to build relationships with people in the industry, so they can refer you for a job in the future.

7. An internship is among the best ways to build confidence. When you do get a job in your field, you can draw on the success you had as an intern and be confident you know what you’re doing and that you belong.

Watch the full video:

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