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LinkedIn Tips for Phi Theta Kappa Alumni

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Participating in Phi Theta Kappa provides a leadership laboratory to strengthen soft skills and build your resume, making you more competitive for scholarships, transfer, and careers. As you develop your resume or online profile with LinkedIn, be sure your membership is included to set you apart.

Start thinking now about how you will leverage your PTK membership and use your experiences and skills developed through Phi Theta Kappa to tell your story to potential employers. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate your PTK experience into your resume and LinkedIn profile.

1. Under “Accomplishments,” you can include your membership as an Organization; include chapter and individual activities as Projects, such as Honors in Action Projects, College Projects, and annual convention Educational Forums; and include scholarships and Hallmark Awards as Honors and Awards. Provide a brief description of the scholarship or award you received. If you are unsure, reach out to PTK Headquarters or your advisor(s).

2. If you were an officer, provide a specific description of your role in the “Experience/Employment” section. This will also help other PTK Alumni find you. For example:

TITLE: Alpha Beta Beta Chapter President


COMPANY: Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society

LOCATION: Your College

3. Seek out someone who is NOT as familiar with PTK to read your resume/profile to make sure there’s not too much PTK jargon. The reviewer should not be distracted by trying to figure out the meaning of unique phrases and words that only members understand.

4. Don’t forget that with PTK you never stop learning. If you haven’t already completed our free online professional development programs (Competitive Edge, Research Edge, and Employment Edge), do so today and include them and the badges you receive on your profile under “Courses/Continuing Education.”

5. Finally, be sure to follow PTK’s LinkedIn page and join the Alumni Group on LinkedIn to connect with other PTK alums.

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