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7 Things You May Not Know about Platon, but Should

Platon on stage

Whether he’s viewing famous world leaders, cultural icons, or unknown individuals through his lens, award-winning photographer, activist and story teller, Platon is focused on telling the story of the human condition. Here’s a few more things to know about Platon before he brings his story to PTK Catalyst.

1.  He’s a one-name wonder. In the world of photography, there is only one Platon – no surname needed. But for the curious, his full name is Platon Antoniou.

2. He’s an immigrant. Born in the Greek Islands, he moved to England at age eight. He lived, studied, and later worked in London as a photographer before moving to New York where he now lives.

3. He’s dyslexic. Stark contrasts help him find order in the world around him. Likewise, he strips down the complications around his subjects to boldly, simply, and clearly focus on their stories.

4. His education is in graphic design. He studied graphic design in art school and then received a master’s degree in fine arts from the Royal Academy of Art. The focus on positive and negative space from his background in graphic design influences his photography.

5. He still shoots using film. This allows him to stay focused on the close connections he creates between himself and his sitters.

6. His shot list reads like a who’s who. Bill Clinton, Aung San Suu Kyi, Muammar Gaddafi, Barrack Obama, and Vladimir Putin are but a handful of world leaders he’s met through his lens.

7. He uses his powers for good. He founded The People’s Portfolio, a human rights foundation focusing attention on emerging, courageous leaders and human rights activists around the world. The People’s Portfolio combines visual and narrative storytelling to break barriers, amplify dignity, fight social injustice, and enlist the public to support human rights for all.

Hear more from Platon and be inspired by his powerful message by attending PTK Catalyst 2021, April 8-10.


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