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Phi Theta Kappa Launches Course for Healthcare Majors

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK) has introduced Healthcare Edge, a free online course for college students in healthcare-related majors that helps them successfully transition to employment in the healthcare field.

The course, available exclusively for PTK members, sources content from employers and experts in the healthcare field and focuses on four key areas: Patient Care, Performance Care, Self-Care, and Job Care. Topics include:

• Communicating with patients and their families
Be the Match logo• Empathy and compassion
• Communicating with coworkers
• Avoiding healthcare burnout
• Stress management
• Finding employment in healthcare

Healthcare Edge, which is sponsored by Be the Match, is the latest in PTK’s online curriculum for its members, PTK Edge™. Other courses are Transfer Edge, which walks students through the college transfer process; Competitive Edge, which teaches employable soft skills; Employment Edge, which helps students navigate the career process; and Research Edge, which teaches critical thinking and research skills.

“We are thrilled to add Healthcare Edge to our current PTK Edge™ offerings so that we can better serve our students in healthcare-related fields,” said Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner, PTK’s President and CEO. “Nearly 20 percent of PTK members are healthcare majors, and we recognize that this field often requires certain soft skills that may not always be taught in the classroom. Our hope is that Healthcare Edge will reinforce what students are already learning, bridge any gaps that may exist, and lead to successful employment.”

PTK has greatly expanded its online course offerings in recent years, as more students continue to migrate to online learning. Enrollment in Transfer and Employment Edge increased 85 percent in 2020 over the previous year. Students earn digital badges as they progress through each course, which they can share on their resumes or on job board sites like LinkedIn.

Additionally, two four-year colleges have begun offering credit for the completion of PTK Edge™ courses, Eastern Oregon University (EOU) and Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). EOU offers college credit through its Agency Sponsored Learning program, and SNHU offers transfer credit.

“Transfer students come from all walks of life and have experiences that should be recognized and rewarded with more than just scholarships,” said Cody Singer, Assistant Director of Online Enrollment at EOU. “As we continue to strengthen our partnership to serve Phi Theta Kappa members, it’s these types of innovations that improve a transfer student’s experience.”

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