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Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Clinical Experience

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1. Consider how you look. Make sure your appearance projects your professionalism. Be neatly groomed and properly dressed for the environment. If you are unsure, look to leaders in the work environment for an example.

2. Come prepared. Take time in advance to review your assignments for the day, know the people you will be working with, and understand your professor’s expectations.

3. Understand your environment. Before your first day, figure out where you should park, enter the building, and store any personal items. This will reduce your stress and allow you to arrive on time, focused, and ready to learn.

4. Introduce yourself. Set the tone for good communication from the start by introducing yourself to the team and patients you’ll be working with and explain your role as a student. Doing so will help those you’ll be working with understand your scope and how they can help you be successful.

5. Come with a positive attitude. Be willing to learn and engage in the experiences around you. Communicate that you want to learn more. In the clinical environment, opportunities often arise for you to learn more than you expected. Be ready to seize these opportunities.

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