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Transfer Scholarship Announced at Belmont University

Belmont University Transfer Scholarship

Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, is the latest institution to announce a $2,500 per year transfer scholarship for PTK members. Located next to the world-famous Music Row, Belmont is just two miles from downtown Nashville. Students may choose from over 100 majors, including several that focus on the music industry.

Belmont is fulfilling its mission to be a leader among teaching universities, bringing together the best of liberal arts and professional education in a Christian community of learning and service. Check out more about what Belmont offers PTK transfer students below.

Tell us about your college’s new transfer scholarship for members of Phi Theta Kappa.

We are glad to offer a new scholarship for PTK members interested in transferring to Belmont. This scholarship is $2,500 per year and can be stacked with many other scholarship opportunities that we have for incoming students.

Why does your college feel that it is important to offer a scholarship opportunity for members?

Students who are PTK members are typically some of the best and brightest students we get the pleasure of working with. Rewarding these students with some scholarship money is one of the best ways we can honor their achievements and help them see a way to fulfill their goals and dreams of a college education.

Are there other transfer scholarships that could be stacked with your Phi Theta Kappa award?

Yes! We offer a General Academic Merit Scholarship for transfer students with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher. This scholarship is $5,000 per year and can be stacked with the PTK scholarship we offer.

What is one of the most impressive things about your college?

The access to resources in the form of facilities, programs, and faculty! Students have so much access to world renowned technology and faculty who have real-world industry experience. We value faculty who have already walked the path that our students want to eventually walk and understand that having access to resources in the form of facilities and equipment can be instrumental to students getting the jobs they are aiming for post graduation.

Learn more about Belmont University’s transfer process on their website.

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