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6 Things We Missed From In-Person PTK Catalyst

PTK Catalyst is right around the corner! Phi Theta Kappa’s biggest event of the year is an opportunity for members, alumni and advisors to get together and celebrate the accomplishments of our community, and we’re back in-person for the first time since 2019. Here are 6 things we missed:

1. The Flag Parade – Phi Theta Kappa is big. We know this, we’ve seen the numbers. But there’s something about watching each regional officer team walk out, led by the flag bearer or flag bearers for their states, that really puts it in perspective. It is a joy to recognize hard work of these regions and see the people that made it happen up on stage.

2. General Session Hype – While we’re all looking forward to the General Sessions, the moments before you sit down are almost as much fun as the session itself. From the music, to the exciting atmosphere, to the energy being in a space with hundreds of other PTK members brings, the time pre-session can feel like a dance party that will never stop. But when it does and the audience goes quiet for the session, the energy and joy remain.

3. The Transfer Fair – PTK Catalyst is home to the world’s largest college transfer fair and for good reason! Where else will colleges find such a concentration of the best students community college has to offer? Popping into the Transfer Fair makes you feel like a rockstar – these colleges are here for you and they want you to succeed. Any questions you have? Now is the time to ask them (and snag a dozen free stickers and pens while you’re there.)

4. The International Officer Elections – Getting to know the candidates is one of the best parts of the Catalyst experience! Talking to them, exploring their booths, and letting yourself be inspired by this exceptional group of scholar-servant leaders who chose to take that next step. From their speeches to the caucus to the political rally, you are a part of choosing the next team of officers to lead this organization, and hearing their stories can be life changing!

5. The Awards Ceremonies – Whether you’re winning or cheering on recipients, the Award Ceremonies are a celebration of what makes Phi Theta Kappa so great. The excellence of our members, alumni, advisors, and college leadership is something to celebrated, and oh boy, do we ever celebrate! Watching regions come together and cheer when their officers win an award, seeing the joy when a chapter goes up on stage to be recognized – that energy is what Catalyst is all about!

6. Making new friends – PTK Catalyst is the best time to make new friends with Phi Theta Kappans who’ve traveled around the world! Sit with someone you’ve never met before, strike up conversation after an Ed Forum, make plans to collaborate on future projects – the sky’s the limit as to the possibilities! We will never forget PTK Catalyst 2019’s epic game of hide-and-seek after the gala, with over 5 chapters from a handful of different states having an absolute blast!

There’s a lot to love about PTK Catalyst and even more to love about its return to in-person! What are you most looking forward to from this experience?

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