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University of Arizona Global Campus awards first PTK scholarship

Jessica Bronner, a graduate of Rappahannock Community College, received a Phi Theta Kappa scholarship from the University of Arizona Global Campus.

This scholarship will allow Jessica to return to school and earn her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, which Jessica says otherwise would not have been possible for her.

Growing up, Jessica and her family spent a lot of time in hospitals, so her older brother could receive the care he needed. To keep Jessica and her brother from falling behind due to absences, Jessica’s mother homeschooled her children for many years.

After high school, Jessica enrolled in a four-year college, but as a first-generation college student, she found that she was not mentally prepared. After a few semesters and personal setbacks, Jessica moved home and enrolled in her local community college to receive her associate degree.

“Studying at a community college allowed me the flexibility to be near my family and continue my education in a stress-free environment without distractions,” Jessica said. “I excelled under these circumstances and finally graduated in 2015 with an associate degree in Business Management and as a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.”

While receiving her degree, Jessica worked full-time at a local flooring store, and she spent a decade working in various capacities in the flooring industry. In 2022, Jessica took a leap and opened her own business, Happy Co Floors LLC in Richmond, VA.

Opening her own business is what motivated Jessica to apply for the UAGC scholarship. She hopes to use what she learns at UAGC to help her business thrive.  

“I am really excited about this concept because I can focus on developing my business and recommence my education at the same time,” Jessica said in her application essay. “Earning this degree will help me gain even more knowledge to effectively run Happy Co Floors.”

The scholarship awarded to Jessica is designated for PTK members and alumni to cover full-program costs and fees for applicants who are interested in pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in any UAGC program.

“We are inspired by and impressed with the caliber of people like Jessica, who applied for this first round of scholarships,” Amy Rogers, Director of Strategic Partnerships at UAGC, said. “The Phi Theta Kappa community is one of purpose-driven achievers who strive for continued growth.” 

Applications for this scholarship open quarterly through June 2023. One round of applications closed on December 31, 2022, and the recipient is expected to be announced mid-February.

The next round of applications opens on January 6, 2023 and closes on March 31, 2023. The application and more information can be found here.

UAGC also offers no-application tuition savings to all PTK members with associate degrees pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees.

PTK members seeking a bachelor’s degree can receive tuition savings up to $6,450 annually* as long as they have an associate degree from an approved institution. PTK alumni with bachelor’s degrees from approved institutions who are seeking advanced degrees can also receive approximately 25 percent tuition savings annually plus book and tech fee waivers while pursuing a doctoral** or master’s degree†.

“I hope this scholarship helps me achieve even more success in my career and helps me learn more about running a business,” Jessica said. “I’m excited for the chance to increase my knowledge and am incredibly thankful to UAGC and PTK for their generosity.”

For PTK members interested in learning more about the UAGC scholarship opportunities, look for more information at PTK Connect or the UAGC website.

Certain degree programs may not be available in all states.

Availability of start dates is based on program selection.

*Savings on tuition and fees available to those who qualify. $6,450/year is bachelor’s tuition savings based on completing 30 credits per calendar year. Savings will be prorated if students complete less than 30 credits per calendar year.

**Doctoral capstone, planning and project classes are 9 weeks.

***The transferability of credits is subject to the University of Arizona Global Campus transfer credit policies and requires the submission of official transcripts. The official transcripts will be evaluated to determine the credits that will officially apply toward a UAGC degree program.

†Master’s and doctoral tuition vary by program. Benefit applies 25% savings to per credit tuition. Rates are available in the UAGC Academic Catalog.

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