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Why your chapter should attend Catalyst ’23

PTK Catalyst is an unmatched PTK experience where all of PTK gathers in one place to learn, connect, engage, and celebrate. PTK Catalyst 2023, April 20-23, in Columbus, Ohio is on track to be another can’t-miss event.

Every year is exciting, but every year is also different. Each Catalyst offers something different for attendees. Just because you attended in 2022 does not mean you should miss 2023. Moreover, if you’ve never attended, 2023 is a great year to start because there is so much to do and learn.

Listening and Learning

Opportunities to learn are all around at Catalyst. With topics ranging from advisor support and chapter engagement to personal growth and career/transfer readiness, educational forums give Catalyst attendees opportunities for hands-on learning from experts who have been there and done that. The information you gather here will help you achieve even going forward.

Making Connections

Phi Theta Kappa has over 224,000 active members and 3,100 faculty and staff advisors, but sometimes it seems smaller than that. While regional meetings allow chapters in the same region to come together, Catalyst is the only event where you can meet fellow Phi Theta Kappans from all over the globe. Along with that comes the exchange of new ideas and varying perspectives representing the diversity of the organization.

Engaging Speakers

One of the most exciting parts of Catalyst is hearing keynote speakers, and the line-up for 2023 does not disappoint. Joining PTK President and CEO Lynn Tincher-Ladner and Co-International Presidents Dayriana Sanders and Keziah Christie Ancheta as keynote speakers are, Academy Award winner and respected actor, Geena Davis and, 8-year NFL Veteran and College All-American Linebacker, Manti Te’o.

Ideas and Inspiration

At Catalyst, ideas and inspiration are in abundance for you and your chapter. From your keynote speakers, you will learn how to face challenges and make changes. At educational forums, you will learn ways to improve your chapter’s performance. You will also have the opportunity to learn from other chapters in attendance. Your fellow attendees can offer you advice on increasing membership, hosting recruitment events, completing a successful College Project, engaging members, becoming a Five Star Chapter, and forming connections with university leadership.  

Looking towards the future

Part of what Catalyst is about is creating a brighter future for PTK and its members. There will be opportunities to take what you learn from Catalyst back to your chapter and make it better. There will also be opportunities for you to better your future outside of PTK.

If you are interested in transferring to a four-year college, make sure to attend the College Fair and learn about your options, ask questions, and explore where you could go. If you want to enter the workforce, attend sessions focusing on career readiness, leadership development, and personal growth. No matter what you are looking to do in the future, Catalyst ’23 has something to offer you.

Register for Catalyst here to experience this amazing event.

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