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Tips for First-Time PTK Catalyst Attendees

For first-time attendees, PTK’s Catalyst can seem overwhelming without knowing what to expect and what to bring. With the international convention only a couple weeks away, anxieties and questions are probably rising. Luckily, we have some tips to help first-timers show up to Catalyst prepped and ready.

Wear comfortable shoes!

With three days full of educational forums, keynote speakers, and college transfer fairs, attendees are guaranteed to be moving around a lot. Make sure to wear a comfortable pair of shoes to keep yourself on the move.

Don’t forget your jacket!

Catalyst may take place in the middle of April, but most of the time will be spent inside the Greater Columbus Convention Center where it can get chilly. Make sure to bring your jacket or layer up.

Stay hydrated!

Bring your water bottles and keep them with you! You will be walking around a lot, and there might not be time between events to get a drink. You don’t want to be late to a general session or educational forum because you were in line at the marketplace! If you need a little caffeine to get through the day, pack your travel mug!

Stay informed!

A lot is going on at Catalyst, so it’s important to stay updated. Check out the PTK Catalyst website for updates to the schedule. There is also information on voting for International Officers and for participating in Scholar Bowl. The Catalyst Blog has articles with information about attending Catalyst, what’s in the GCCC, and places to explore close to the convention center. You can also find those articles here.

Take notes!

At Catalyst, you are going to hear a lot of great information on how to improve your chapter and yourself. Make sure to take note of useful information and advice, so you can share it with your chapter or fellow members back at your campus!

Have fun!

While Catalyst is an important educational and professional development conference, it is also a celebration of the hard work and achievements of our chapters and members. Don’t forget to have fun! Meet new people, branch out and talk to other chapters, and make friends. After the College Fair, stay in the Opportunity Expo to buy cool merchandise, watch the Scholar Bowl, and play games.


Lastly, don’t forget to register! If you have not attended Catalyst before and want to attend this year, it is not too late! PTK Catalyst is an amazing opportunity to attend informative educational forums, hear from inspiring keynote speakers, and meet PTK members from all over the world. You can register now to attend Catalyst 2023 here.

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