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Let’s Work on Your Summer Recruitment Plan!

As we reach the last month before fall classes start…there is still time to put a summer recruitment campaign into action for the new group of students and potential Phi Theta Kappa members on your campus.

Most chapters primarily conduct their recruitment in the fall or spring terms, but planning a summer recruitment can increase overall awareness and membership acceptance.

Consequently, increased membership acceptance will also bring your chapter closer to a REACH Reward. The REACH Rewards program gives free graduation regalia to chapters that have a 15 percent or more member acceptance rate.

REACH scores are calculated at PTK headquarters and are an important consideration for Hallmark Awards judging. For chapters looking to be recognized as a Top 10 Distinguished Chapter at Catalyst, a high REACH score, along with a great Honors in Action Project and College Project, will give you the edge you need.

To get that extra edge, work with your chapter to plan a summer recruitment campaign.

Use Summer Recruitment to Drive REACH Scores

When calculating REACH scores, PTK headquarters looks at the year in two halves: January-June and July-December. Then, to determine scores, headquarters looks at the number of unduplicated students uploaded during each half of the year and averages those two scores together.

Therefore, there is no specific summer REACH calculation. This means if you run a summer campaign from June-July, students who enroll in June would count towards the first half of the year, and students who enroll in July and August would be counted into the second half of the year.

While there is no summer-specific REACH score, summer recruitment is still vital to increasing a chapter’s REACH score and number of members.

5 Reasons to Have a Summer Recruitment Plan

  1. Free graduation stoles for your chapter! When your chapter meets or exceeds a 15 percent member acceptance rate, your chapter will be awarded free graduation stoles through REACH Rewards. Again, rewards are calculated using the number of new members, the acceptance rate for your chapter, and the enrollment totals for your institution. Rewards earned are based on a chapter’s size.
  2. Summer campaigns are easy! Even if your chapter officers are off-campus and out of town for the summer, a summer recruitment campaign is very simple. Upload an updated list of eligible students, and headquarters will send membership invitations on your chapter’s behalf. Then, members who accept in the summer can participate in the fall induction ceremony.
  3. Students may have missed the last deadline. Headquarters research indicates many eligible students do not join PTK until they’ve had five or more points of contact. Some interested students may also have missed the spring deadline, and summer enrollment may be their last chance to join!
  4. Students can immediately access benefits. Members who join in the summer can use the additional time to complete PTK Edge courses. They can also get a head start on working on their scholarship application and exploring transfer options with PTK Connect! New members can also request a letter of recommendation from headquarters.
  5. Create a year-round awareness and presence on campus. Even if many chapter officers and members are off campus, don’t take the summer off! Keep your recruitment posters up and invitations out. Hold easy service projects and fundraisers like canned food drives and snow cone sales on campus. Also, stay engaged with members and potential members through social media and email. A year-round presence helps maintain momentum and chapter engagement, which can attract new members and help your chapter become a Five Star Chapter.

Maximize chapter membership with a summer recruitment campaign!

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