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Meet the 2024-2025 International Officer Team

Meet the 2024-2025 International Officer Team

Serving as a Phi Theta Kappa International Officer is an experience like no other. Throughout the year the team will serve as ambassadors for the organization while connecting with members at local, regional, and international events. Individually, each officer benefits from personal and professional development opportunities to prepare them for success in their next steps in life — whether they will be transferring and continuing their education or entering directly into the workforce.

Get to know more about this year’s team of International Officers here—you’ll be seeing a lot of them!

Annalise Smith, International President

On Valentines Day in 2007, Annalise Smith was adopted from Changhua, Taiwan, and brought to Ohio. At times, she struggled with feelings of not-belonging, but she found happiness in loving others, and she found a community in PTK.

“Growing up, I never felt like I belonged,” Annalise said. “I didn’t always believe there was somewhere I could fit in, and I struggled to make and keep meaningful friendships. Phi Theta Kappa proved me wrong. I have become part of a community of brilliant, kind-hearted, and like-minded people.”

Annalise enrolled in Clark State College in Springfield, Ohio, as a dually-enrolled student. In the summer of 2023, Annalise graduated high school early and received her Associate of Science degree. She is continuing at Clark State to earn a degree in political science.

At her community college, Annalise served as the vice president of service in her PTK chapter and as the western district representative of Ohio before being elected International President.

In her chapter, Annalise led the College Project, “Love Letters to Ourselves,” which focused on the importance of mental health and wellness by encouraging people to love themselves in new and abstract ways.

Outside of PTK, Annalise founded the Minocracy Inclusion Club centering the importance of diversity and inclusion.

She is in her college’s honors program, on the dean’s list, and placed nationally in eSports in Fall 2022 and Spring 2023.

As International President, Annalise wants to help members feel welcome, seen, and understood.

“My main goals in office are to exemplify PTK through listening to the voices of others and to encourage and illustrate a world of change,” Annalise said.

Alyssa DeFlorentis, International Vice President – Division I

Alyssa DeFlorentis earned a bachelor’s degree in theater arts in 2015, and during the pandemic, she enrolled at Cuyahoga Community College-Westshore (Tri-C) to pursue further education in graphic design.

At her community college, Alyssa maintains active involvement in campus organizations and activities. In 2021, she served as editor-in-chief for the student newspaper and the vice president of fellowship in her PTK chapter. For the past two years, she has also served as PTK chapter president, Ohio region northern district representative, and Ohio Region vice president before being elected the International Vice President of Division I.

Alyssa was drawn to PTK because she understood the value of belonging to a community dedicated to academic excellence, leadership development, and service.

“By becoming a member, I aimed to further my academic journey, contribute to my community, and cultivate leadership skills that would benefit me both during my time at Tri-C and beyond,” Alyssa said.

Alyssa decided to run for international office because she wants to share her perspective as a non-traditional student on the unique benefits of community college and why community college is a smart start to students’ higher education journey.

“Having served at the highest levels of leadership within the chapter and regional level, I wanted to take the next step and contribute to the organization’s mission on an international scale,” Alyssa said. “My experiences have equipped me with the skills and insights needed to effectively represent the diverse voices and needs of our members, and I am committed to championing their interests while fostering growth and excellence within Phi Theta Kappa.”

In addition to her passion for community colleges and PTK, Alyssa loves theater and gardening, and she embraces the philosophy of being “uniquely you.”

Monserrat Rivero Sánchez, International Vice President – Division II

Born and raised in Acapulco, Mexico, Monserrat Rivero Sánchez moved to the United States to pursue higher education in 2018 when conditions in her hometown began to become dangerous for young girls.

Leaving behind her family and country, Monserrat moved to Mount Pleasant, Texas, knowing very little English. Despite the communication barriers, Monserrat was a dedicated and involved student, and she devoted most of her time into the Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE). Monserrat graduated high school with honors and placed in state and national competitions with TAFE.

After high school graduation, Northeast Texas Community College offered her a full scholarship and a place in their honors program.

Monserrat joined PTK after attending the first chapter meeting and realizing all her friends were there too. She went on the become chapter president and a Texas regional officer.

As an international officer, Monserrat wants to advocate for students of all backgrounds and show people that they can overcome whatever challenges they face.

“By running for international officer, I have the opportunity to reach out to a larger audience and be able to share my stories and make other voices be heard,” Monserrat said.

After completing her degree at community college, Monseratt plans to pursue a master’s in education in curriculum and instruction with a focus on bilingual education. She aims to become a bilingual and multicultural curriculum developer at the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Britney Khan, International Vice President – Division III

In 2022, Britney Khan moved from her home in Trinidad and Tobago to the United States to pursue her education as a first-generation, non-traditional student at Ivy Tech Community College-Bloomington in Indiana.

When Britney arrived in the U.S., she was shy and had trouble speaking up, but PTK helped her find her voice and grow, which inspired her to run for international office.

“I know how much PTK has been there for me, fostering the leader that I am today, and I wanted to pay it forward,” Britney said.

As chapter co-president, Britney is also “paying it forward” to community colleges by supporting the CCsmart initiative and advocating for community colleges.

“Despite the prevailing stigma surrounding community college, I found it to be the perfect fit for me,” Britney said. “The opportunities, support, and close connections I’ve experienced with fellow students and college faculty continue to reinforce my decision. I am committed to sharing my journey to dispel misconceptions about community college and to encourage others to embrace them as valuable options in education.”

After completing her degree at Ivy Tech, Britney wants to study international relations. While living in Trinidad and Tobago, Britney witnessed devastation from hurricanes and destructive floods, and in 2023, she visited a refugee center in Rome. These experiences inspired her to seek a career in humanitarian aid, and her goal is to work for the United Nations to enhance the quality of life in underdeveloped nations.

In her spare time, Britney enjoys spending her days with music and working on craft projects, like making pinatas.

Karissa Sena-Fadenrecht, International Vice President – Division IV

Karissa Sena-Fadenrecht is passionate about helping others. She is currently a pre-school teacher pursuing a degree in social work.

“With my degree, I plan to work with children, families, and communities,” Karissa said. “I am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and helping them reach their full potential. I believe that my degree will give me the skills to make a difference.”

Karissa earned her Associate of Arts in 2023 from Great Basin College in Nevada, and she is now pursuing a degree in early childhood education at her community college. Once she completes her coursework, she wants to become a social worker and advocate for foster children.

Karissa’s passion for service is what drew her to PTK.

“I joined PTK to find more service opportunities,” Karissa said. “I am passionate about helping others and making a difference in people’s lives. My chapter was hosting a foster care donation campaign, and after I joined, I was hooked.”

In PTK, Karissa has been able to develop her leadership skills, become more involved in her community, and find a network of people that help her achieve her goals. She served as the vice president of her chapter and the regional vice president of the Nevada district.

Karissa ran for international office to help people access the same benefits that PTK has afforded her.

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