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EOU Offers College Credit for PTK Edge and Leadership Courses

Eastern Oregon University campus

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) members have exclusive access to professional training through PTK Edge courses and the Leadership Development Studies program. In order to better serve transfer students, Eastern Oregon University (EOU) has taken an innovative approach to partner with PTK members and these professional development courses.

EOU is the first university in the country to award college credit for completing PTK Edge courses and the Leadership Development Studies course through a program called Agency Sponsored Learning. In addition to awarding college credit to PTK members, students can earn a combined 60 degree-applicable credits through this program and EOU’s Assessment of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL).

“Transfer students come from all walks of life and have experiences that should be recognized and rewarded with more than just scholarships,” said Assistant Director of Online Enrollment Cody Singer. “As we continue to strengthen our partnership to serve Phi Theta Kappa members, it’s these types of innovations that improve a transfer student’s experience and hold EOU true to its values.”

The APEL process provides an opportunity for students to document acquired learning from life/work experiences in a format that can be assessed for academic credit. Students identify their learning from life experiences that correlate with college-level achievement in the specific degree programs that are available at EOU.

This approach to supporting PTK transfer students is the first of its kind and is focused on rewarding students for knowledge they already have. Students who receive college credits for life experiences and professional training like those offered by Phi Theta Kappa shorten their time to degree completion and can save thousands of dollars on their education.

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