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Since the Five Star Chapter Plan operates on a January-December timeline, when should our chapter elect officers?

Your chapter may continue to elect officers anytime during the year. In the past, many chapters have completed Five Star Chapter Plan requirements under two sets of officer teams. Many chapters elect officers in February or March so that they may participate in PTK Catalyst, Phi Theta Kappa’s Annual Convention, usually held in late March or April. However, it is completely up to your chapter to determine when chapter officer elections are held.

Can anyone other than the chapter advisor submit the Five Star Progress Report Forms?

Yes, the chapter president and chapter officers may complete the Five Star Progress Report Form.

What happens if your chapter misses the final reporting deadline in January?

All updates must be submitted by the final reporting deadline in January in order for Five Star certificates to be presented at spring regional meetings. A Region’s Five Star Plan status is also determined by their chapters’ Five Star Plan participation so reporting by the deadline is critical.

How many members must participate in order to count as an official chapter activity?

At least two members must participate in an Honors in Action activity to count towards the Five Star Chapter Plan.

Does our chapter have to complete activities in the order they are listed under the requirements and on the update form?

No. You may even move back and forth from one level to another. However, a chapter must complete ALL activities within a level before receiving recognition for that level of achievement. For example, if you have completed all activities on Levels One and Two, but only some of those in Level Three, you will receive recognition as a Two Star Chapter.

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